I am a self confessed OCBH (Obsessive Compulsive Bargain Hunter), completely motivated to saving the ££'s and finding a bargain.
From beauty dupes; saving £20+ on a product you can't identify from the other to clothing and accessories under £20 that passes for designer and fools even the high end style savvy.

Among my friends a family, I'm known as the person to turn to if you need to find everything from the perfect gift to the ideal knee length figure flattering dress for your sisters wedding.
I get regular text and phones calls from friends and family who want advice for shopping on a budget, 'where to find good quality affordable fabric?', a Jo Malone Candle dupe and everything in between!
Bargain Hunting has become something that doesn't only save me more ££ but has become something I enjoy and I'm really proud of.

When I was a young teenager, I was suffering with early diagnosis of Bipolar and depression, I worked every weekend in my parents shop and earned a good wages for a teen.
However both combined we're not the best combination, and I happened to become obsessed with spending.

I remember getting my bank statement through the post and seeing the Outgoings exceeding £1,000 and I had nothing to show for it apart from a lot of Topshop clothes still with tags on, makeup I'll never wear (nor knew how to wear) and high heels I couldn't walk in...

Since I left college and starting working full time around the same time I starting Blogging, I seemed to have found a happy medium with life and battling my Bipolar Disorder.
I was excited to earn and at the same time excited to save as I always wanted to own my own house which is what motivated me.
At the same time I still wanted to enjoy the nice things in life and didn't want to not being to do so.
Which is why my talent for bargain hunting really came into itself and is why I can sit here now, at 21 and type this blog post from the office in my house that I own, on my iMac which I bought myself and still enjoy the nice things in life but with clever bargain hunting tactics.

Disclaimer: None of this is a 'boast post' or showing off what I have, all I want to do is show you how you can still shop, but shop smart and save those oh so important ££ but still have life's little luxuries.

So I thought I'd start a 'Tips for Bargain Hunting' Series on my Blog where I can show you what I've learnt along my bargain hunting road starting with one of the old basics that still gives some of the best bargains out there...


I have been a buyer and seller on eBay since I was a young teenager and getting the know the eBay ropes really helps when you're trying to find that hidden gem amongst all the other tat.
It's about actually using that 'refine' tool and actually being a least descriptive as possible in the description bar and using the categories and refine options to your advantage.

When you list things on eBay as a seller, eBay makes you click certain boxes and categories so eBay knows where to place your item.
My TOP TIP for shopping on eBay is been minimal with your wording.
Say, you're trying to find a specific blouse with ladybirds on from Topshop from last season that you always wanted but couldn't afford the £45 at the time and now it's gone and your wardrobe will never be right without it...
Type 'topshop ladybird' and then go down the drop bar to 'Clothes, Shoes & Accessories' and click 'Search'.
What you're doing is typing the most specific thing about the item that the seller would have most likely included in the description.
You can then use the refine tool to search 'Women's Clothing', 'Tops' or 'Shirts', 'Size' etc and filter your way through that was selecting exactly what you want so you don't have to scroll through pages and pages of 'long sleeve tops' in sizes 4, 8, 12, 16 that will take you years to find.
Do that for everything, like makeup product for example;
You're looking for a MAC Foundation in NW15 just type 'NW15' select 'Health and Beauty' from the drop down and start refining.
Trust me, it works.
Try it.

My favourite purchase I got from eBay has to be my Mulberry Handbag.
I'd always dreamt of owning a Mulberry (as you do) but just never knew whilst saving for a house that I'd ever be able to justify the £1000+ purchase.
So, I headed for eBay.
Using my tool tactics, I typed 'Mulberry'.
Using the filter/refining options I selected 'Handbags' etc and chose certain years so I was after a newer Mulberry than a well used one from 1990's.
I managed to find my dream Mulberry, with the most basic description title ever, along the lines of  'Cream Mulberry Handbag'...
Equipped with Mulberry Tag Serial Number and original receipt of over £900 I managed to pick my dream handbag up for £120.
I know, can you believe it?
Some months later I managed to pick a Burberry Handbag up for around £50 too.

Bargains really do exist.

I hope you've enjoyed reading into my tips and tricks for bargain hunting when using eBay and please let me know what bargains your find!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the bargain hunting series, and follow my links bellow so you don't miss my post reminders.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo


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