'Tis the season of the festive sets, the limited edition releases and oh, hell loads of glitter!
I love receiving beauty related gifts at Christmas as much as I love scrolling the reviews and Christmas product releases in September time with the festive tones rolling in and limited edition sets and collection we all swoon over.

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As a beauty lover myself I thought I'd write a little beauty related gift guide of the exciting gifts I think would make a beauty addicts Christmas this year.

Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette - £38.50
The dream everyday makeup palette with the perfect shades for all your favourite looks.
A huge mirror, brush and stunning packaging makes this the most amazing xmas gift.

A personal gift if always a good one, and Avon are offering these gorgeous nail varnishes in the shades of the 12 birthstones. They make amazing stocking fillers and are on sale too!

I don't think I've ever seen a hair styling set so beautiful. Wow, well done GHD who knew that copper would make GHD's look even better? I'm in awe.
Just imagine opening these on Christmas morning...

The Library of Fragrance are great gifts! On offer at Boots for 2 for £25 you can create you own scent with these single note fragrances and layer them to make you own unique scent.

Every girl loves a bit of makeup and you can never go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury. An amazing makeup artist who has an amazing collection of makeup at such quality.
This adorable set with some key pieces from her collection is a really lovely gift for any beauty addict.

I wear this matte lip all the time. It's my favourite matte liquid lip formula of all on the market. Affordable and small this makes the perfect stocking filler!

FACE Book by Pixiwoo - £9.99
The YouTube beauty experts Pixiwoo have finally released a book, and isn't it beautiful. Anyone with an interest in makeup or beauty would love to own this stunning book of Sam and Nic's makeup journey.

New to Boots, Makeup Obsession is a brand which give you complete customisation at great affordable prices. Normally, creating your dream palette can get extremely pricey, however Makeup Obsession puts MAC and the Z Palettes to shame with seriously affordable drugstore prices and so many single pans to choose from!

Magnitone Vibra-Sonic Cleansing Brush - £60.00
Before I owned a Magnitone Cleansing Brush I thought it was possibly just s gimmick/phase however they really do work. The Magnitone is a fab because you can use it daily, unlike other on the market which are more for weekly use. The Magnitone is the ideal gift for any skincare fanatic and I love using mine with a cleansing balm.

The brand of the moment and liquid lip goddess, Kylie Jenner has released a Limited Edition Holiday Box with so many of her products inside, include the Kyshadow.
So if you've got a bigger budget this Christmas for your beauty obsessed loved one, then this is the gift to get!

Maybe you can't just stretch to the $290 Kylie Cosmetics Box and you're looking for something more of a stocking filler size. Them this Georgio Armani Liquid Lipstick is luxury and gorgeous!

This box of heaven from Urban Decay would be a dream to open on Christmas day right?
5 stunning shades of VICE by Urban Decay. It's a box of perfection.

And that's my 2016 Beauty Lover Gift Guide!
What are you hoping to receive this Xmas in your stocking of beauty?
Let me know in the comments.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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