I've been with my partner Tom for nearly 5 years now and for the past 3 years I've joined in on the Shelton family tradition that is, Tree Day.

Growing up, Christmas was the 25th December for me a totally amazing day with the family. However, getting to know Tom's family over the years, they all absolutely love Christmas (where as it's never been my parents favourite time of year) and start celebrations every year on Tree Day.

Tree Day usually happens on the first weekend of December and this year, happened to be on 4th December. Tree Day started with taking a trip to the only place everyone gets Xmas trees from in our area, Digby Farm.

Digby is a local Christmas tree farm that opens on 26th November where you can shop and select Christmas trees. There is something about walking around a farm of Christmas trees that I just love.

1. It smells amazing.
2. It's super festive.
3. It's a great day out!

Tom's parents kindly offered to buy our tree for us - how kind?
We decided to go for one of the ones grown at the farm, rather than the furs imported from Scotland.

Obviously, as it's our first tree in our first house we decided to go quite understated... LOL jk!
We got a huge 8ft Christmas tree! Because... Why the hell not! That's why!

Obviously I had to take this adorable photograph of Tom and his Dad.
Cute right? 

Yes. We did fit 2 in the car. Goals!

Once we left the farm, Tree Day follows with set up and tree decorating - obviously.
We started with Tom's parents tree and decorated their first, before going to our house and taking our first ever Christmas tree home!

After moving the house around a lot we managed to get the tree in situ before decorating. I'm quite taken with it, can it stay forever? *Christmas tree emoji*

After a couple of hours of decorating and the tree falling on me (Yes, you read that right)... It's finished! I absolutely love it.

With decorations from Gates Nursery, Homebase, Pound Stretcher, IKEA, Matalan and more, our first ever Christmas Tree is done, and it looks fabulous.

So that's it, our first tree.
I had such a lovely family day out and sharing it with Tom's parents every year is so special and really makes it a day to remember.

What does you tree look like?
Send me a photo on Twitter: @CharliePallett

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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