On a trip to Tesco last month I got completely side tracked browsing the beauty isle and stumbled across the BD Trade Secrets Beauty section that I'd never seen or heard of before.
After inspection I realised it was Tesco Beauty Brand and I was instantly intrigued.

I'm a huge fan of own brand beauty and own brand products that I thought I should definitely purchase some and test them out. But more because I'd never heard of the brand before - which is very rare in the blogging community - so, I wanted to find out why!

The first product I popped straight into my basket was this handy little lip balm bullet.
I love having a lip balm close by and in a bullet form it's the perfect handbag companion.
Called 'Crystal Lip Balm' this product by BD is clear and nourishing on the lips, I've become addicted to using it.

I've been after a high coverage concealer for a while to use under my eyes, so I picked up this sweet little pan concealer in shade 'Camo 1', and it's great!
The product is perfect for covering any areas of redness or any insecurities as it's extremely high coverage. It's quite thick in constancy but it's really pigmented and blendable.

I picked up two foundations; a tinted moisturiser and a foundation.
I wanted to try a tinted moisturiser as a light coverage, every day foundation. But I also wanted to give the standard foundation a try as there was so many different shades that if it is a good product, it could be a fab option for those with quite pale or quite dark skin.

Firstly, I've been wearing the tinted moisturiser in shade 'Cream 2' SPF 25 every single day since I bought it, and it's completely replaced my Revlon Colorstay Foundation and I'm now tinted moisturiser obsessed.
The coverage is very sheer and light, however it gives the skin a lovely glow and is absolutely ideal for summer.

The standard foundation from BD which I got in shade 'Biscuit 5' SPF 25 is fabulous too and is very similar to the tinted moisturiser but with more coverage. However, I've completely chosen the tinted moisturiser over the foundation - I'm obsessed.

Overall, I'm so, so impressed with BD Trade Secrets as a brand and I cannot believe I've never heard anything about the product before.
The quality feels so high end, the packaging is attractive and travel friendly, and the price point (I'm pretty sure all the products in the range are under £10 or nearly so) are amazing and you can't fault them at all.
The only problem I have with the brand is getting hold of it.
It seems to be quite difficult to get hold of as it's not really available as a collection online at Tesco which is why I've been unable to link any of the items at all, and I've only ever seen it in one Tesco store..

However, I'll definitely be picking up some more products to try from the brand, and I have high hopes for the rest of the collection.

Let me know if you've tried the BD Brand and what you thought of the products in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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