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If you hadn't already realised, I'm a huge creative.
From Photography, Art and Interior Design to DIY and Textiles.
All things, everything creative.

I've decided to show you all something I love to do on my day off, one of my favourite past times.

I fell in love with a sewing machine when I was about 13 years old at secondary school in Textiles class. When I then went on to take Design Technology into my GCSEs where I took DT Fast Track taking Textiles, finishing with an A a year earlier than the rest of my year.

I've loved sewing, textiles and being creative with a needle and thread ever since, so I took Textiles further at A Level too.

It's something I've not shared with you guys yet, so when I sat in front of my sewing machine on my day off this week, I took a minute and decided to share it with you all!

So, here is my Simple 3 Step #StyledbyCharlieDIY Bunting Tutorial.

For this tutorial you'll need:
1 x Fabric Scissors
1 x Zig Zag Scissors
1 x Fabric Tape Measure
1 x 1m of Fabric (of your choice)
10 x Pins
1.5m x Bunting Ribbon

A Sewing Machine + Needle + Thread + Bobbin
A Needle + Thread

What I love about Bunting is how cute and effective it is and such a versatile accessory for your home, nursery, coffee shop, bedroom, baby's crib etc and just looks so adorable!
But the best thing about Bunting is it's simple to make too!

So, here's my #StyledbyCharlieDIY 3 Step Bunting Tutorial!

1. Take your chosen 1m of Fabric.
Measure out your Bunting Triangles with Fabric Chalk or a Pencil.
Cut using your Zig Zag Scissors for that Zig Zag edging effect.

I made my Triangles 15cm (H - Point) X 10cm (W - Top)
The perfect size for a childs crib or bedroom accessory.


2. Arrange your Bunting Triangles evenly along your Bunting Ribbon.
Fold over the top of the Triangles, so that your Bunting Triangles are incased in your Bunting Ribbon
Pin to hold in place.

See bellow

3. Sew along the Pinned Edge.
Removing the Pins as you go with your Sewing Machine or a Needle and Thread.
(Needle and Thread option may take a while, but make sure your stitches are tightly together to ensure perfect Finnish holding the Triangles in place)
Cut along the end of you Finished Bunting leaving some excess ribbon for tying, and...

You're Done!

Easy as pie!

Bunting is so simple to make, so effective as a homeware accessory and the perfect homemade gift!

Let me know if you try my Bunting Tutorial, I'd love to see it!
If so, Tag me on Twitter or Instagram #StyledbyCharlieDIY


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