This is the second instalment to my Interior Inspiration Series with all the items I've bought and sourced for my Bathroom, for my first house that is being renovated.

Here's a sneak peak into my Bathroom-to-be!

I love minimal interiors, as my favourite type of interior decorating is to play with textures as well as the mixture of modern and old. This is exactly what I wanted to do with out New Bathroom whilst making the most of the space available, as it's our only bathroom/toilet.

We're lucky enough to have already restored original pine wood flooring in the bathroom painted white which just completes the whole room before even having the suite installed.


1. Antonio Basin Taps
I wanted to keep my tap fixtures fluid and matching in the bathroom so I chose these traditional style taps for the sink which match the bath taps as well as the toilet flusher.

2. Vitemolla Ceiling Light
As I mentioned in my last blog post I was so excited about choosing a light for the bathroom, and fell completely in love with this light from IKEA.
It going to work so well with the tiles and the Picasso print.

3. Shakespeare Roll Top Bath
We're luckily enough to have quite a large bathroom, as it was formerly a Victorian Bedroom.
Therefore it's the perfect size to house a Large Roll Top Bath!
We sourced ours from Victoria Plum as it was the large size we were after, at an amazingly affordable price with quick delivery. It also gives the Vintage feel we're after throughout our home and is fitting with the old building.

4. Frosted Glass Shower Enclosure
The bathroom already had a built in shower area, but that wasn't to our taste so we were always going to replace it. We have a space of up to 1200mm for our shower and decided to go for a large enclosure with frosted glass.
If we had a down stairs toilet, I probably would of gone for clear glass. But as this is our only bathroom we thought for guest etc frosted would be the easier, more sensible option.

5. Picasso 'Femme' Print
I've been obsessed with this Picasso 'Femme' Print for a long time and as soon as we looked at the house, I'd already decided where it was going.
The wall where we're having our roll top bath has a large space on it, so I couldn't wait to order my favourite Picasso Print from which was on offer for just over £11 in 700mm x 500mm.

6. Marble Brick Tiles
After deciding on our all-white theme for the bathroom, however when we went to Floors & Walls to order our tiles we fell for these stunning Marble Brick Tiles and they were just completely perfect for our space!

7 & 8 Winchester Sink and Toilet Suite
As well as all-white we wanted a tradition look for the bathroom and knew exactly which toilet and sink suite we wanted which was this suite from Victorian Plumbing with a simple but traditional look.

All together I think we're sourced the perfect products for the all-white, traditional feel we want for the main (and only) bathroom in our first home.
We managed to spend a lot less than we originally expect on creating our perfect bathroom which is always very, very nice but both feel we're not really had to compromise on what we we're after.

I'll be sharing final images of the bathroom once it's complete and can't wait for you to see our vision come together.

I hope you're enjoying these interior post, as I'm loving writing them!

Thanks for reading,

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