Beginning we 8 days off and spiring holiday with a day at the Welland Vale Garden Centre, Uppingham.
I've never visited the garden centre having lives in Rutland (and surrounding) my whole life and I presumed it was much smaller that it actually is.

After visiting a Dog Shelter with my Grandad and Uncle, we all stopped by the Garden Centre and it's absolutely beautiful!
A large car park, and several greenhouses full of plants, garden accessories and even a shop for homeware and much more.

Also on site at Welland Vale is The Orchard Café.
Another deceivingly large building that also includes a Gallery.

Spacious decor and seating with casual arm chairs and restaurant style tables and chairs.
A lovely open large counter with fresh and local produce.

The Orchard Café have a gorgeous menu full of variety with cold offerings and even a Sunday Lunch, breakfasts, alcohol and afternoon tea options.

I'm a huge fan of local produce and the Orchard Café have a stunning large dresser full of conserves and juices. As well as 'Old Tom' Gin, Sloe Gin and even Raspberry and Salted Caramel Vodkas.

The cake selection was mouth watering, with everything from Victoria Sponges and Banana Bread to Muffins, Coffee Cake and Gluten Free Carrot Cake.

I love a good selection of local ales - not for myself but it always keeps my Dad happy!
It's nice to see the Grainstore's Ales in as many local locations and pubs as possible.

Lets be honest, a café that offers alcohol?
Cherry on top!

After reading the option of Sunday Lunch, Tom instantly ordered.
I decided on the Egg, Cress and Paprika sprinkled Sandwiches which were £6.50.
Much to my delight - as I initially thought that was quite steep for a sandwich - it arrived with crisps, coleslaw and a salad.
It was delicious.

Tom ordered the Beef but had a choice of Beef or Chicken.
He said it was lovely and it disappeared very quickly.

The café decor is lovely and the layout is perfectly spaced.
My Grandad has a hearing aid and different public locations can sometimes be difficult with other peoples conversation or music.
The Orchard didn't effect his hearing and was helped by the clever spacing and tall ceilings.

At the back of the café is an Art Gallery of Peter Baker's paintings.
It's so lovely to walk around a stunning gallery.
I want them all.

Such a lovely spontaneous afternoon with my family, before we go on holiday.
It was also a rare day where I wore my hair down, it's been ages.
Even though my brother likened me to Humpty Dumpty today I felt relaxed and ready for the sunshine.
I also wore a new Mascara from Laura Mercier (that I can't find online... It may be new!) which I'm extremely impressed with.

I'm really enjoying sharing my days/weekends in a blog post format.
Let me know what you got up to on your weekend and where your favourite café to go to is.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review of our gallery Charlie, but they're not all my paintings - oh that I could produce THAT many! - we have 30 artists, and we rent the space from the garden centre - nothing to do with the cafe, we just have a joining door where folks can wander through (often looking for the toilets!), but thanks again for the mention!


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