Since my amazing Nana passed away earlier this year, we've had lots of family photographs to sort though, which is actually one of my favourite things to do!
A lover of all things old fashioned, I really wanted to celebrate my Nana and all her old family photos in style and display them in my home.

Having these gorgeous pictures of my Nana's childhood on display is so lovely.
The only problem I have with old photographs is they're very difficult to frame or display that really shows their beauty. Old photos rarely came in similar sizes, there none of the Standard 4X6, and over time with their discolouration it makes mounting and backing photos difficult because of the range of discolouration, black and white photos and sepia toning...
So, with all these family photos I want to celebrate and love I wanted to find a gorgeous way to display them that really let their beauty shine.

I discovered a really lovely and stylish way to display old photographs so they shine in your home as well as blend with your interior style and schemes.
So, I picked up these gorgeous hinged glass frames from Homebase for £8.99 and £9.99 each.
Also available from John Lewis, Cox&Cox and Not on the High Street.

My favourite things about looking back is at the fashions.
What I love about these unique frames is the industrial metal frame and glass on glass backing.
The style of frame is perfect for old photographs, they allow you arrange the photographs in a collage format, however you want. Which is perfect for old photographs as some may be different sizes, colours and possible a little damaged. But this whole look is so effective, and the glass on glass allows your interiors style to be visible through the frame so you don't need to be all about all-things-industrial to have these handy framed in your home.

With these hinged glass frames you can be so creative.
For example; Pressing flowers, using wallpaper as backing, displaying things you've collected over time like a scrapbook on display as well as a really lovely way to share you children drawings throughout your home.
They come in loads of different varieties from landscape to portrait, standing frames, book opening frames or hanging frames.
I'm totally obsessed with them!

I could scroll through old photographs forever, looking at how our lives are so different.
So, they're my tips for displaying old photographs in your home, and I definitely recommend getting your hands on a hinged glass frame as the possibilities really are endless and they make a gorgeous feature wall display if hung all together too.

Let me know if you have any tips for displaying old photographs, I'd love to see how you display yours!

Charlie xo

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