After seeing this gorgeous palette raved about on social media I had to get my hands on it, I think it's the most stunning palette ever.

It's called the 'Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette' by Makeup Revolution and contains bronzers, merged blushers, baked bronzer and merged baked highlighters in the most amazing shade combinations.

Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette by Makeup Revolution | £6.00
The most surprising thing about the gorgeous palette is the quality product you get for the price, at only £6.00 for 8 large pan shades.
Makeup Revolution are a very respected brand for their price point and product variety, however I'm blown away by their packaging which is on par with so many high-end brands where this sized palette would be around the £30+ mark.

As you can see from the swatches of the pans bellow they have a huge pay off and incredible pigmentation, great for using as blushers with a stippling brush or a fan brush as highlighters.
There is also two bronzer shades, so if you love your sculpting and highlighting, this palette is a must for the ultimate glow.

Not only does this palette look amazing and is a work of art visually but the quality of the products is like nothing else in the drugstore price point.
Makeup Revolution are a brand highly recommended for high-end dupes and I think this palette is a must have product for every beauty lovers collection at only £6.00.

Huge paw off and pigmentation with these blush, bronzers and highlighters.
Based on the swatches alone, many people would be surprised at the affordability and availability of this product and would most probably presume it had a high-end price tag when looking at the product, swatches, pay off and packaging - which also includes a huge handy mirror, which is usually absent on quality drugstore products.

I have a lot of respect for Makeup Revolution for offering such amazing products at their price point, because most of the time if something works this well and is this fantastic the price point is usually much, much more.

Granted, due to the amazing wallet friendly prices, these product can sometimes be hard to get hold of as the stand in Superdrug is always crowded with other MR fan.
However, you can get them on the Makeup Revolution and Superdrug website, so panic not!

I think this palette, and Makeup Revolution as a brand should be raved about as much as possible.
Being able to get such quality products at these prices is so refreshing for the beauty world and I'm so proud we're able to get hold of such an amazing brand in our local drugstores.

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