Today I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous piece in my Blogger Mail, from the accessory heaven, Amelia Jane London (www.ameliajanelondon.com). 

I opened my Blogger Mail to find a stunning full ball of happiness! Amelia Jane London's Racoon Fur Pom Pom Keyring (£12.50), and it's just beautiful, and as soft as you're currently imagineing!

I've been looking for the perfect keyring for months since I got my new car, as I've been trying to find a statement keyring that pretty enough but practical enough to cure my clumsiness of constantly losing my car keys, which I shall never lose again. Finally the space has been filled, that a little minion has been reserving for my Amelia Jane Pom Pom

Once I stumbled across Amelia Jane London's gorgeous accessories from fluff ball keyrings in a selection of colours to oversized fur pom pom hats, floral crowns, bunny ear scrunchies and even riding hat silks. Just a really unique selection of that impulse accessories that you just must have! I cannot wait for autumn to get my paws on one of the oversized fur pom pom hats (£25.00) that come in such fabulous colours to match any outfit! 

So if you haven't already check out the fabulous Amelia Jane London accessories at www.ameliajanelondon.com


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