It's always so difficult to pick the right outfit in spring, especially with our unpredictable, good old English weather. Whether you dress more for summer and risk getting chilly, or dress more for winter and risk getting too warm?

Well I think I found the perfect balance on my trip to Downtown on Sunday. 
Oversized Primark striped boyfriend fit tshirt (£4.00), H&M charcoal imitation leather jacket (Sale £15.00), H&M thick sole snake print trainers (£24.99), Abercrombie skinny fit ankle gazer jeans (£79.00) (Obviously you can source some more reasonably priced ankle gazers as they're right on trend currently), Vivienne Westwood snake print handbag (£269.00). 

The perfect balance between our countries awkward shift in temperature with an imitation leather jacket that due to it being faux makes it so much lighter in weight, and thin tshirt but layered with the leather makes the perfect thickness coverage. Ankle gazer jeans for the spring ankle exposure showing a bit of skin edging towards summery. 

I really loved this outfit, perfect for travelling and shopping with not too much weight, thickness or flesh exposure. 

So don't think just because the suns out that automatically means we have to jump into our summery shift dresses and risk freezing. It's spring, this is England, find the balance

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