I'm starting to get the most beautiful collection of cleated footwear from my favourite shoes retailer Shu Sole (

Their selection of to die for footwear, amazing customer service, fast delivery and affordability makes them so desirable yet afforable! 

My first pair of blue sole Shu Sole's were my black Fancy Paltfroms (£24.99). So gorgeous with patent strap detailing, cleated platform and so easy to walk in, such amazing quality for the easily afforable price of £24.99 for that universal, wear with everything pair of amazing heels. 

I just absolutely love them

My second pair of Shu Sole's are my stunning Ciara flatforms now only in the SALE at only £13.49 at

They look chunky but they're so light and wearable with any and every outfit perfect for being above the puddles in winter and light and bright white for 'all white everything' in the summer, and at ONLY £13.49 are just a no brainer

My third (and probably my favourite) pair of Shu Sole's are my black Reona Cleated Platforms (Now only £24.99).

They're cleated perfection. All the gorgeous black straps and buckles set on a gorgeous height of black cleated platformed perfection.  

They fit like a glove and despite their amazing height are so easy to walk in which just make them the perfect pair for every outfit be it a formal wedding occasion or paired with jeans for a shopping trip, they're just such a gorgeously universal set of must have platforms so on trend with their cleated beauty. 

So be sure to head over to and check out their fabulous collection of must have footwear that's just to die for with their fast delivery, amazing customer service and their fabulously afforable prices!

I love Shu Sole, join the addiction


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