It's official, I am now the proud owner of the worlds most gorgeous perfect, uniquely designs statement piece of jewellery, Euan McWhirter's Jet Lucky Bitches Ring

Euan's beautiful and inspirational designs are just a delight to encounter, and have even caught the attention of Australia's sweetheart Kylie Minogue. 

Strolling through McWhirter's exquisite collect is like travelling through the decades from 1920's chandelier inspired earrings, to 80's colourful bold statements and into futuristicly modern neons and candy inspired pieces. His variety of pieces and styles are so fresh and endearing with such stunning attention to detail.

My Jet Lucky Bitches Ring (which is the most appropriate - and loveable - name) is a piece of wearable art. The bold statement of the gorgeous and oh so oversized hand cut black glass that spins on a sparkling Swaovski encrusted band, is THE must have statement item that is essential in your jewellery collection.  

I'm a lover of jewellery and lucky enough to own some stunning jewellery myself, however this ring is absolutely with out a doubt one of the most beautiful items to have ever graced the jaws of my jewellery box and I just cannot wait to wear the stunningly exquisite ring just like Lucky Bitch to every occasion I possibly can as it's beauty and exceptional design is just so intriguing, addictive and utterly enchanting. 

Be sure to check our Euan McWhirter's fabulously beautiful and inspiring art worthy jewellery collections at where you can buy his amazing creations as well, and be sure to become a Lucky Bitch and treat yourself to one of the most beautifully uniquely designs rings available. 

I'm in awe of the style, the attention to detail, the undeniable beauty and the workmanship of such a stunning piece of jewellery/art. 

Check out Euan's collection at with his fabulously imaginative creations

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