As many of you know I have a vast collection of iPhone cases, as why not have a selection to choose from? 

I got my hands on the most amazing phone case last week perfectly printed with 'Besties' fashion's King and Queen Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour from Touch Zero Gravity (www.touchzerogravity.com) ($23.95/£14.11). 

I love this case and love the simplicity of the use of iconic silhouettes of the fashion idols. 

The case fits perfectly, exposing every button as is easy to hold and a wipe clean plastic material that doesn't collect dirt or dust, amazing quality.

The case is delivered is gorgeous branded packaging (Seen bellow) wit lovely protective packaging and with branded items inside including a free shopper bag with fast delivery! 

I'm obsessed with this iPhone case and have a feeling it's going to a long while before I find another that takes my fancy as much! 

It's just the perfect monochrome style that fits with every one of my outfits and I love the transparent bumper of the case that exposes the gold bumper of my iPhone 5S which is a nice touch so the iPhone colour can been seen but is still protected.

Check out Touch Zero Gravity's (www.touchzerogravity.com) fabulous selection of phone cases for iPhones from 4th generation right through to the latest 5S generation as well as iPad mini cases, iPad and Laptops. They have the most amazing selection of themed cases for everyone taste from floral, religious, prints, music, animals and even a mirrored case - the perfectly accessible portable mirror for all your vanity needs. There selection of styles is just great and such afforable prices delivered quickly right to your door and such fabulous quality! 

So be sure to find you Zero Gravity match at www.touchzerogravity.com for your iPhone, iPad and laptop and prepare to fall in love.


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