My obsession for Cleated Footwear continues...

I've been a huge fan of this latest footwear craze to grace out shelves, and with my new Cleated Mules to add to my cleated collection I feel I'm only getting started.
If you love a platform and aren't aware of this 'Cleated Craze' my only advice is... prepare yourself.

My love of Cleated Platforms starting with my first pair, my Cleated Zip Boots (eBay £39.99). I'd been falling in love on Instagram with people's feet after seeing these cleated beauties popping up as I scrolled, I just had to give in a purchase the babies, and i'm so glad I did.

I adore this pair and I love that I can rely on these as my winter wonders with their high platform and boot style that I can ensure I have some winter worthy heels.

After I started falling in love with cleated footwear, they starting popping up everywhere and the craze continued into flats, open toe platforms and many, many more styles I almost couldn't keep up. 

I then came across the lovelies at Shu Sole ( and if you love cleated then Shu Sole is your place to be with their amazing selection of styles and colours to suite everyones fancy with their amazingly affordable prices and sales, their your site.

My second pair of cleated platforms and my first pair of Shu Sole's were my Black Fancy's (Bottom Right) (SALE £19.99) with the gorgeous black patent straps and matte black platform they're just that one pair of shoes you can count on to fit with and make every outfit, as well as being easy to walk in and at less than £20 they're an absolute no brainer

My second pair of Shu Sole's were my white Ciara Flatforms (Left) (£14.99) which are just gorgeous. I've always wanted a pair of white shoes and with my love of platforms and the cleated craze the Ciara's and I were meant to be.

The third pair of Shu Sole - possible my favourite pair - are my gorgeous Reona Platforms (Top) (SALE £24.99). I love the Reona's huge, thick heel and contrasting skinny spaghetti strapping they just amazing to look at and amazing to wear!

I didn't think it was possible to find yet another cleated pair to fall in love with, until Mules came on the scene and I fell in love all over again, but hard this time. 

I've been searching for the perfect pair of Cleated Mules for about a month now but as a bargain hunter - as you all know - I refuse to pay over the odds. 

So struggling to find the perfect pair I was ecstatic when I waltzed into TK Maxx on Sunday and stumbled across the perfect pair for only £24.99

They're just to die for, and it was meant to be as the only pair they had left was a size 6 and as a size 5 I was devastated but there was a Cinderella echo in the air as I tried the 6 on and it fit like a glass slipper.

They just look so interested and quirky with their edgy styling from the amazing large cleated platform and the clog style fitting they just look so unique, fancy and so me

So after reading this you've falling for the cleated ways then get over Shu Sole ( and down to your local TK Maxx and scout for your perfect pair of cleated perfection

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