Completely addicted to the new Loom Band craze ever since I baby sat for a 7 year old little girl last week who made me a Loom bracelet upon arrival.

What a clever, time killing yet adorable new phase? 

The simplicity of the idea with hundreds of colours and styles and variations of bands is just exactly why something so simple yet addictive has caught on worldwide so fast! 

Being bored at work with nothing to do and getting lost I weaving together pretty colour elastic bands never sounded so random, yet the cute, pretty and unique jewellery that comes out of such a random past time is gorgeous, and I'm obsessed with rotating all my different Loom Band designs around all my summery outfits so much so I've created Chockers, Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets, Headbands and Rings that I'm selling on my Depop: @charliepallett in sets and individually. 

They're the perfect summer accessory! With brands bringing out gorgeous retro prints and styles taking us back to our childhood this 90's like craze make the most F A B jewellery accessories for ever summer look. Even wear your Loom Bands to accessories at the beach on your summer holiday, being stretchy eleastic they're hard wearing and waterproof

So pair your Loom Band Chocker, Bracelet, Headband and Ring set from Depop: @charliepallett (www.depop.com/en-gb/charliepallett) and pair it with your amazing Hot!Mess Toy Shop Bikini (www.hot-mess.co.uk) for the perfect 90's inspired unique summer look. 

Don't forget to head over to my Depop: @charliepallett view my Loom Band designs being updating daily with new styles, colours and sets and grab your unique summer jewellery collections for a bargain price delivered to your door


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