I'm in love with the new trouser trend of printed trousers. Be it Joggers, leggings, peg trousers or cigarette trousers, but the KING of the printed trouser has to be these amazing Cigarette Marble Print Trousers (£18.00) from SYT ( 

The trouser craze is just F A B, as I've never been much of a girly girl so trousers, leggings etc have always been my first choice and with all these new stunning designs and styles coming onto the scene I just can't get enough of them. 

These amazing Navy Marble Print Trousers (£18.00from SYT ( are just to die for! They fit just at the right high waisted point and with pockets and the ability to be rolled up or down just become the perfect pair of pants

I styled by amazing SYT Marble Trousers with my SYT Woven Statement Necklace (SALE Now £6.00), Monochrome Print Chain Link Bag from H&M (£19.00), my ASOS Black Body (£10.00), ASOS Leather Jacket paired with my amazing Black Prism Heel Pointed Courts from New Look (SALE £10.00). 

I adore my SYT Woven Necklace with it gold chain and gradient of colour vertically from black to navy and white it's a gorgeous statement piece perfect with so many outfit and at only £6.00 in the SYT sale it's a no brainer and looks so gorgeous with the Marble Print Trousers matching the navy and white printing. 

This look is so on trend with printing and high waisted trousers paired with a stunning court shoe, I just love how effective it is and it's versatility as a complete look. 

SYT ( have such an amazing range of products from new and vintage, with a great array of items for every occasion from dresses, crop tops, jumpers, vintage must haves and much, much more as well a fabulous Sale

So check out the amazing guys and their stunning produce at SYT at and fall in love with their vintage and new items and begin to fill your wardrobe full of their to die for items and don't be affaid to join the amazing trouser trend and be proud of your prints


  1. Such a fab outfit post :) I need to try more prints!! x

    1. Thanks Becky! Definitely try some prints, make every outfit feel a bit more chic! 💛


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