If you follow my Weekly Vlogs you'll know I love my interiors! My full time job is actually buying and selling furniture and homeware for my parents business, so interiors design is kind of in my blood.

Although I sell new furniture, my passion is with the old. My house is full of antique furniture and second hand items.
We've recently had an issue with our dining table, that meant we couldn't sit at it much as it only seated one person due to the width of the legs, and couldn't seem to find any chairs small enough to fit into it.

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So, last week I had an idea to get some stools! So after searching my market town which is full on antiques, collectables and second hand shops I searched everywhere for some stall. To actually find on my way home after I'd given up, and I picked up these 2 stools for only £6 each!

In their current state they would not fit in with my home which is full of antique pine and mahogany furniture, so I nipped to my paint cupboard, grabbed my favourite Rust-oleum Chalk Paint in Hessian, opened by new furniture paint brushes and began upcycling!

The Rust-oleum Chalk Paint is super easy to use, whether you're used to painting furniture or not it's practically idiot proof!
Chalk paint is the best kind of paint to get your hands on for upcycling as it's prime-free and you can just slap it on straight away without worrying about sanding and priming.

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I prefer to use Rust-oleum Chalk Paint based on the fact it's much cheaper than the rival chalk paint from Annie Sloan and is much easier to source as it's stocked in Homebase and The Range.

Chalk paint is super easy to apply in layers that dry quickly and leave a gorgeous natural looking brushed paint effect with the use of a furniture paint brush which is personally my favourite paint finish.

After a couple of hours of applying and drying, my gorgeous stools are finished and look absolutely fabulous in my rustic/retro kitchen, and Tom and I can finally sit at our dining table together!

You can either leave the finish chalky, and matte or you can apply the Rust-oleum furniture wax for extra protection and sealing as well as giving it slightly more satin finish.

I absolutely love the final result, and having stools instead of chairs is super handy if you have a small victorian sized kitchen like me! As they can just sit underneath the dining table and don't take up any extra room at all.

Gorgeous £6 second hand stool with a new look!
So that's my most recent upcycling project!
Have you done any upcycling recently? Or is there an item in your home that you could give a new lease-of-life?
Let me know in the comments!

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