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My 2016 Question and Answer!
What are your Top 3 Summer 2016 Style Items? - @Heartbeat_Elss
My Top 3 Summer Style Items for 2016 have to be:
1. Jersey Maxi Dress
2. Printer Bomber
3. Blue Liquid Eyeliner

If you got another Pug what would you call it? - @AmandaBootes

Tom and I have so many names for our next Pug, and we're pretty sure it'll be a boy!
So it'll either be called Pablo or Otis.

If you could only use one makeup brand for the rest of your life, which one would it be? - @SofiaBilder

I found this question super hard!
2 years ago, I would've said MAC by far.. However now I try so many brands.
I think now, I'd use Revlon for Drugstore budgets and Laura Mercier for High-end budget.

If you could swap places with one person for the day, who would it be? - @mydebeauvoirdiaries

I think I'd actually swap places with Tanya Burr. She has my dream job ever and I'd love to swap places with her for a day to live in the life of my dream.

What's your ultimate high street brand? - @PrimroseBW
I'm currently obsessed with Primark and New Look!
However, overall I'd say Primark you just can't beat the range of products for great prices and with the beauty range and homeware range too it's a one-stop-shop!

What's your favourite thing and/or least favourite thing about blogging? - @katie_ainscough
My favourite things is working with brands and being introduced to new products and having the chance to share my thoughts on those with my readers.
My least favourite thing about blogging is time.
I work full time, blog twice a week and weekly vlog on my YouTube Channel every week too.
So the things I find hardest is finding time to fit life in.

What motivates you to blog? - @devotedtopink
I've lucky that I'm super motivated. I've always got more than one idea to blog about and I don't find it difficult to get in the zone to blog. However this wasn't always the case! When I first started blogging I felt a little lost, but now it's my dream career and I just can't get enough of it.

What is your favourite skincare products? - @jesschamilton
I'm skincare obsessed. I have loads of favourite skincare products but currently my favourite is definitely the Ganier Oil Infused Micellar Water - it's amazing!
Great for dry skin, and removing any kind of makeup. It's the best micellar water I've ever used.

What is your favourite city? - @worldofannna
New York. 100%!
I've only been once, but I hope to go again many times. Visiting NYC changed my life and inspired me so much. My favourite place is definitely Central Park.

What are your three top tips for getting the best photos possible? - @camilladelacoe
My Top 3 Tips for great photography are:
1. Invest in a DSLR - It's worth every penny!
2. Lighting - Whether it's natural or artificial, find the best spot for taking photos and the one with the best light.
3. Editing - I'll never post a photo without it being edited as that's just how I roll.
I'd recommend investing in Photoshop for your computer, and for your iPhone I love using Photoshop's iPhone App and the Darkroom App too, they're definitely my favourites!

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  1. Love this - definitely agree - Primark homeware is incredible! Also I live for the Garnier oil miceller water! Fab post! x


  2. Lovely post. I deffo agree regarding NYC, it's my absolute dream to live there!

    X Hayley

  3. Lovely post. I deffo agree regarding NYC, it's my absolute dream to live there!

    X Hayley


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