Cromer has always been my favourite place.
When people ask you as a child 'If you could be anywhere where would you be?' or 'What's your favourite place in the whole world?' I'd always say Cromer.

So when I read about #JoulesExplorers the first place I thought of where I'd spend my ideal family weekend away, had to be Cromer.

Our Favourite Place | Photo source:
We've been to Cromer every year for many, many years!
Starting when I was about 10 when we used to visit East Runton Caravan Park for the week with my Auntie and cousins, we had so much fun every time. We had freedom to explore, we found our independence and I think those holidays away from my parents really helped me become the independent, confident person I am today.

Since then, Cromer has been our annual family holiday destination, even if it was just for the day - we've always classed Cromer as a holiday.

The reason Cromer is my favourite place is because it's so pretty, calm and feels like a little happy bubble away from the rest of the world.
It's where I feel safe, happy and care-free. I really do think it's that special place in my heart.

To have an ideal family weekend away in Cromer, now would be very strange without my Nana who we lost this year. However Cromer and Norfolk were such a special place for her is why we'll still always head back there each summer.
For me a holiday is not about whether you're abroad, or how far away from UK you can get as possible, it's about who you're with and what you make of it.

But as an idea of our ideal perfect family weekend, this is what we would do...

Saturday | Cromer, Norfolk
DAY 1:
We set off in convoy down the A47, stopping of at The Little Chef for breakfast - of course!
We'll head to Burnham Market first to use the oh-so posh toilet in The Hoste, browse around The Hat Shop, spend too much in Jack Wills.. Before continuing our journey until we begin the game of 'who can see the sea first?!'.

Arriving in Cromer and driving down Beach Road, is when that holiday/'OMG I'm at the seaside' feeling kicks in and I just can't wait to walk along the pier.
We'll stay in one of two hotels on Beach Road; The Clifftonville or The Sandcliffe and always park in the same side road for the weekend close to the hotel, with views of the sea and mini golf course.

After sorting our who's room is who's, our weekend away will always begin with a walk along the pier watching all the people crabbing with their buckets full of crabs and other random items they've managed to catch from under the pier.
We'll then try and grab a table at the end of the pier and order some wine to begin the holiday in style.

We've always popped to the Sticky Earth Cafe where we paint pottery and have a huge laugh over coffee and cake! The pottery is popped in the kiln before we see our completed masterpieces/embarrassing artistic attempts and collect before we leave the next day.

Then, after spending hours heading from one arcade to the the other, and only leaving after we've managed to catch a toy on the impossible cranes. We'll head back to the hotel, and get changed for the evening.

Where we eat for the evening will depend on if we fancy a indian or an Italian...
However due to the fact we're all big kids and Bella Vista, Italian is on the seafront right next to the arcades, it's 98% likely that we'll eat there.

We'll all share olives and order a bruschetta, followed by pizzas and pasta and too much wine!
Before hurrying back to the arcades to waste more money, and win the useless toys you'll forget about the next day before they close, just because we're on holiday and we can!

Sunday | Cromer, Norfolk
DAY 2:
Our second day begins with a trip to the shops.
Going to Cromer always makes me feel like I'm going back in time, to a kind of place where phone aren't important and people don't revolve around social media.
The shops seem dated but perfect and everyone is so lovely.

Cromer's high street isn't full of all your big brands, its a mixture of independents and smaller branded stores. It's the perfect place to browse for hours of which we'll do very easily.
My mum will go to one of the independent stores and buy a Limited Edition Charlie Bear which she does each year as her little mini holiday treat, to add to her Teddy Bear Collection, and I will visit each an every charity shop, bargain hunting as I do!

We'll head towards the Information Centre where there is usually a lovely local market in the car park at the rear and we'll have a walk around there before heading to the car to visit Cromer Zoo.

Possibly the smallest Zoo I've ever been too, however aren't they usually the best?
With some amazing animals from tigers to tapirs, I could be there all day!

Back in Cromer Centre, we're walking the promenade again, towards what I like to call the 'Ice Cream ATM' which is a hole in the wall ice cream parlour full of all the fun and bizarre flavours you can imagine. We grab our first Ice cream of the weekend - I'll have a Pistachio cone and Tom will have a Chocolate Chip cone - before heading straight to the arcades to gamble away all the remaining 2p and 10p coins we've been saving from the year before.

Equipped with every toy ever from all the arcades, we pick up our finished pottery from the cafe whilst laughing at each others effort and head back to the hotel to say 'til next time' to our favourite place. We check out and begin the drive back to Rutland, already planning the next visit to gorgeous Cromer.

That would be my dream family weekend away.
There is so much to do in Cromer for all the family, I'd recommend it hugely.

Where is your favourite place and where would you like to take your family on a weekend away?

I hope you enjoyed this different post for a change!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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  1. I've never been to Norfolk before but I've heard such good things. I love these photos too :-)

    X Hayley


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