I first came across Bravura in 2015 when I attended a Blogger event and I fell in love with their products and especially their packaging. I then saw much more of Bravura from then on as I scrolled through Instagram in seemed more and more respected celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Charlotte Crosby were a fan of the brand too.

Bravura is a skincare brand that prides itself on being 'dedicated to supplying the best quality, effective cosmeceutical skincare products at very realistic prices' - and they do just that!

From left: Azulene Moisturiser £9.90, First Cleanse Oil £14.50, Revitalising Ginseng Toner £12.40, Glycolic Acid £9.59, Lactic Acid £9.59Salicylic Acid £9.59 and Chemical Peel Applicator Brush £3.48.
Bravura sent me their collection and I just love it all.
Firstly, it's vegan. Secondly, it's so refreshing to see a skincare brand using quality packaging and design but making their products at affordable prices. Bravura's products are packaged in frosted glass bottles and the quality doesn't end there.

Bravura works with active ingredients that promise to improve your skin, as well as being vegan their product are suitable for all skin types too, which is perfect for me as I have dry and sensitive skin.

Bravura were also the 'first company in the UK to supply chemical peels for use at home. Our vision was to make this effective but simple treatment safe and accessible to everyone rather than just those who could afford to pay for salon treatments'.

But enough of the facts!
What do I actually think?

Well, this.
My two favourite products are the First Cleanse Oil and the Azulene Moisturiser.
The cleansing oil is very gentle and removes makeup with ease, by also leaving a healthy feeling of cleansed skin. The moisturiser is the most soothing one I've ever used. It instantly works wonders by tightening the skin and leaving a soothed and energised feel.

I have a skin condition called Pityriasis Rosea and it can be hard to find a moisturiser that actually helps with my Pityriasis and soothes my sometimes dry and sore skin.

I'm obsessed with Bravura's collection and I will definitely share my thoughts of the brand with my friends and family because I'm refreshed to find a brand with great packaging, quality products and affordability.

Even my Pug, Arla is a fan! (She never leaves me alone when I'm taking blog pictures).
They are my thoughts on this amazing collections and I highly recommending try them out because I'm obsessed!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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