Year on year, I always say 'this year I'm going to get more organised' and it's never really gone to well. Well! This year, I'm going to get a grip and stick to it, with the help of beautiful stationery.

With my mental health disorder I should be more organised as it helps with my mood swings and anxiety if I'm the queen on planning. So I'm going to make 2017 my year to become the ultimate planner and Queen of Organisation.
Woop, woop!

So, what better way than to stay organised that investing in some stunning stationery?
Busy B sent me these 3 gorgeous pieces to help me on my way to ultimate organisation.

Firstly, a Purse with the perfect outer pocket to keep the card you need to get your paws on quickly! The purse is the perfect size to keep in your handbag for your coins and receipts.

Secondly, a super handy (and gorgeous!) A5 Notebook for me to keep all my important appointments in and make blogging notes for Styled by Charlie, Daily Focal and Metro.

As well, to note about my novel plans.. A little secret I've yet to mention.
Yes - I've started a novel.

Thirdly, The most stunning pack of 6 Pencils which I'm a huge fan of keeping in my handbag rather than pens which ruining every lining of my beloved handbags.

With Busy B's amazing collection of every stationery item you could ever dream of in the most beautiful colours and styles, this is just the begin of the organised collection I'll have my hands on.

Busy B also have an on-going Discount Code: BB15 which you can use to your advantage when purchasing their awesome range of stationery and all-things-organised! As well as free delivery over £15 too!

Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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