Interior Design has been a huge passion of mine for years and now owning my own house I wish I had an infinite number of room (and money) to design each room to my unique obsession of style.

Last week, scrolling my iPhone I found an App called, Design Home. I'm in awe.
If you love interior design then you need this app in your life.

With daily challenges of different briefs set for certain homes around the world. Design Home allows you to design a room with your budget and a directory of many items, with unique brief specifications to follow and manage.

Collecting keys, diamonds and dollars adds to completing the daily design challenges which are then voted on and scores given for each room design.

A few of my #DesignHome completed challenges.
I can't get enough of this unique (and really, really cool) App that seems to have answers all my 'why isn't this an App?' dreams! It also kind of fills the gaping hole in my life and need to design homes and rooms, or spending every spare second of my life watching far to many interior programs.

If you have any design or creative aspirations in your life then this game may just do the same for you! Give it a go and let me know how you get on, because I absolutely love it!

The 'Refined Cabin' brief has been my favourite yet!
Thanks for reading,

Charlie xo

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