#BLFW Day 2 was another fantastic fashionable affair with Bloggers galore and some utterly beautiful brands with different concepts, amazing products. Gorgeous rails of stunning clothing, tables full of unique accessories, exquisite hat and hair pieces, handmade luxury jewellery as well as one off couture gowns.

It was so nice to be part of a fashion filled occasion with amazing people to mingle with and amazing brands to network with. 

Day 2 began with a VIB Bloggers only occasion (with sneaky photographers like myself being allowed special access also) on the 8th Floor at 4pm - two hours before general entrance - where brands and Bloggers mingle and chat as well as a special model styling task
That'll I'll talk about later in the post

I love these gorgeous treat themes Blogger Love adapted as the #BLFW days continued and Day 2 adapted the Brown treats theme with amazing double chocolate double tiered cupcake towers, chocolate biscuits and cookies galore

The attention to detail was amazing all the thought and effort had gone into create such desirable treats for the days visitors to enjoy. 

Downstairs on the 7th Floor lined two rows of VIB reserved catwalk chairs seated with VIB goodie bags filled with CaptureLove Hats and much more! 

At the #BLFW bar were Bloggertini's, marshmallows, marshmallow filled mint ice cram cones and plates of Oreos

#BLFW Day 2 also had dedicated areas for Fashion and Blogging themed areas, consisting of an amazing Beauty Bar hosted by Leighton Denny for Bloggers and #BLFW attendees to get a Leighton Denny special manicure, file and polish with some of Leighton Denny's gorgeous new AW14 shades.

The Vlogging Booth also featured on Day 2 with The Official #BLFW Vlog stunner Jessica Yau special interview areas and vlogging area were based for her to speak to and interview Bloggers and brands about their #BLFW experience and most importantly, their outfits

Back upstairs in the VIB areas of the 8th Floor were also new brand as well as established brands with gorgeous unique designs from the likes of Niki P London, with her stunning collection of vintage inspired quality bags, clutches and scarves. Made from genuine leatherquality fabrics with interesting textures, prints and weaves to give you a bag to stand out from the crowd with.

Not only do Niki P London offer a stunning range of bags and clutch in all shapes, styles and sizes their bags are so unique with the use of different textures and prints that make the bag not only fun and different to wear but fun and exciting to feel, with their amazing velvet on silk print textures combined with the leather structure and chain and leather strap, such attention to detail and design perfection.

My favourite Niki P London bag has to be the gorgeous leather and print panel clutch with its elegant structure and devine velvet rear that just the perfect and most comforting fabric to grasp your amazing Niki P London clutch with on a night out. What I also love about Niki P London's inspiring collection is the vintage inspiration and the adorable polka dot fabric lining to the bags that just echoes the 50's era and make the interior of the bag as delightful as the exterior.

Vania Couture returned for #BLFW Day 2 as well, with even more designs than featured at the #BLFW Pre Party Event. It was lovely to view the collection again and to see a stunning embellished Vania Couture special Wedding gown in all its glory.

Vania Couture's handmade gowns are just devine. Attention to details and utter passion at it's finest, imagine wearing a dress that has had such a journey and such a wonderful creation from the start from such an amazing brand?

After chatting to the Vania Couture team on Twitter after the #BLFW Pre Party Event I was touched that they brought along my favourite Vania Couture to #BLFW Day 2 for me to see after I saw a picture on their Twitter, I fell in love.

The dress was everything I'd dreamt but better than expected so, so, so stunning in the flesh. With the amazing sweetheart neckline and pearl and diamante lined lace bust, ending in ribbon before the amazing netted skirt. One understated elegant strap, and the other covered with amazing netted flowers opposite to the side of the netted flowers on the skirt, balancing this exquisite design out perfectly. 

The stunning princess style gown with the 50's length skirt was just absolutely amazing, and with every tiny and detailed element adding together to create such a masterpiece, makes me want to get married and to contact Vania Couture ASAP

As I mentioned earlier for the VIB's (and certain tag alongs like myself) the task of Day 2 on the 8th Floor of Leicester Square's Penthouse was to style a model in a team, worthy enough of winning a judged catwalk.

Once the task was explained to me, I knew their was only one brand and clothing rail to head to, Vania Couture

Between my team and I we decided on this stunning Black Swan style ballerina gown with amazing lace/mesh corset bust with bownetted and embellished straps creating such an elegant torso. An outstandingly beautiful structure of a skirt that elegant held open and poofed in perfect ballerina style.

We just knew this was the most amazing dress for our model, and for our team.

Although coming to styling this look we knew it needed no over accessorising and only needed just the perfect elegant shoe, as no clumpy stiletto would do!

We styled our Black Swan look with some elegant ankle strap heels from Debenham's amazing trolley of AW14 collection and borrowed these amazing Faith Laser Cut heels.

Also located downstairs as well as upstairs was FYT & Co with the fabulous collection of printed shopper bags, wash bags, backpacks as well as gorgeous knitted hats, scarves, gloves, socks etc.

FYT & Co was create for style savvy individuals with their colourful ways and eye catching geometric patternsso recognisable to the FYT & Co brand. 

FYT & Co's amazing patterns and styles from backpacks, holdalls, and tote bags alongside clutch bags, hats, iPhone wallets and a selection of pack-away options make their designs so unique with amazing colour palettes of summer sorbet pastels and chunky knits in darker wintery tones. 

I love their use of logo branding with their products. The FYT & Co logo is so clean, fresh and versatile it really makes and emphasises the products and is so complimentary of the brand. 

"Statement-making geometric prints"

It was also lovely to see the guys from Debenhams at #BLFW too with all their AW14 goodies and new releases with stunning statement jewellery and a gorgeous pink trolley full of items from the likes of Faith and other brands featured in Debenhams

The Debenhams trolley was such a good ideas and a success among the #BLFW Bloggers especially coming in handy during the #BLFW VIB Bloggers task of Model Styling and when choosing fabulous items to dress and style their models in.

The trolley was full of amazing AW14 items from stunning winter worthy bags in AW crazy styles and finishes from Moc Croc to the Céline-a-like triangle edge shaped sides and fashion fabulous statement necklaces, perfect for dressing up your chunky knit winter wooly jumpers with.

Tinkilove also featured at #BLFW Day 2 who also featured at the #BLFW Pre Party with their extremely creative collection.

"Tinkilove's high-end and highstreet versions of the high-end 

collections, which makes this label accessible for everyone that 

wants a particular style, that is being designed and produced by 

Tinkilove LTD.

It has an edgy, creative cool image that catches everyones eye


gains interest fast due to its creative cuts, making the odd harem 

pants or bomber jacket a more fun and original piece to wear."

Tinkilove are also part of the creative hat designs by Capturelove

Capturelove design unique customised caps of all different varieties and themes designed to express personalities featuring a large variety of styles from Trucker Caps, Snapbacks, Fítted Caps, Flat bill caps, Baseball caps all with unique designs with witty phrases or messages

The Capturelove designs are so creative and unique that each caps artwork has been hand drawn from scratch and digitalised.

Bellow is BINTM Model and TOWIE Marbs beauty, Imogen Leaver with her #BLFW Capturelove goody bag.

I wonder which Capturelove design she got?

Another brand featured at the event was Fever London with their vintage inspired collections. 
Fever have a gorgeous range of items across their 3 collections:

Heritage - Day/Casual Wear

City - Work Wear

Occassion - Evening/Occasion Wear

I love their 3 individual collections making it an easy and stress free way to shop their website with the simple 'Which occasion?' question of shopping whether you're looking for a cosy winter knit (Heritage), Dinner Dress (Occasion) or Work wear (City).

Blogger Albertine Brandon (Dippy Writes) with her favourite Fever London piece, Heritage Lottie Jumper

Rocco Fashion, who also featured at the Blogger's Love Fashion Week Pre Party attending #BLFW Day 2 as well and with more time at the event on the 3rd it was lovely to see the collection again and it's fair to say I fell in love several times over with the amazing rail of items I'd missed at the busy Pre Party.

Rocco Fashion pride themselves on offerings women a one stop shop for all their fashion needs with   simple, elegant, comfortable and most importantly afforable collections with their years of research find that's what women are missing when searching for their fashion must haves.

Rocco fashion designs bring out a feminine side catering for 

all different shapes and sizes. Rocco fashion believes that 

women should always feel comfortable for all occasions."

Leighton Denny also returned for #BLFW Day 2 this time away from the VIB area and downstairs with an amazing Nail Bar for Bloggers to stop and have the full Leighton Denny treatment with their amazing new AW14 shades too! 

I love the new Leighton Denny Nail Bar addition to the day it was perfect for Bloggers and VIB's to try out their Leighton Denny shade samples from Day 1 with a perfect manicure and perfect Leighton Denny Nail Expert application.

I watched Blogger and friend Albertine Brandon (Dippy Writes) have her Leighton Denny Expert Nail BLFW Experience choosing the NEW Leighton Denny Nude Shade perfect for AW.

Theres nothing better than a perfect nail pamper and walking away with perfect nails they give a girl such confidence. I wish I could've had my nails perfectly painted at the Leighton Denny Nail Bar but unfortunately I had my gorgeous Daisy Polka nails on, but I will be using my Leighton Denny Nude sample shade for a wedding this weekend.

If you love to have a statement bikini in your suitcase ready for you holiday then you've seen nothing yet until you've seen the Betty's Bikini Boutique Collection with their amazingly outstanding and ever so eye catching bikinis, swimsuits, monokinis and yes even mens swim briefs!

Betty's statement bikini of the day was this gorgeous high waisted black and gold mesh stud and chainmail bikini set that would just be stunning on a summers holiday abroad to your favourite  beach party location.

My favourite of the Betty's Bikini Collections were definitely the amazing feather and Marabou sets. One with a gorgeous green feather on black bikini with subtle green embellishments against the green feather was just absolutely beautiful!

The pink Marabou feather set with adorable pink diamante embelishments and halter and side tie detailing was just too cute, litterally

As I mentioned - yes, I know, even mens! - mens wear too. 

So if your man or best friend is after that perfect party holiday swim brief, go no further... 

Betty's at your service!

It was lovely to be reunited with the lovely Syreeta Badu at #BLFW Day 2 again after the #BLFW Pre Party the previous week with her amazing collection of unique designs, styles and prints

The second brand I mingled with at the BLFW Pre Party was Syreeta Badu, the very talented Plus Size designer with her unique styles and gorgeous printed fabrics.

Syreeta's collection 'Concrete Rose' has been featured in recognized newspapers and magazines such as The Curvy FashionistaVOLUP2 The Grace Issue,Evolve Magazine and the Fashion Telegraph and Syreeta's 'Concrete Rose' Collection also featured at British Plus Size Fashion Weekend in 2013.

What I adore about Syreeta's amazing collection is how her garments encourage confidence and ooze style, and reassures Plus Size Fashion Fearlessness and show's you can be fashionablefabulous and comfortable in your own skin.

Another thing I love about Syreeta's designs are how they're not just for Plus Size women, as a size 8/10 I love trying on Syreeta's versatile designs for anoversizedhigh fashionable look with their unique shoulder pad or africanfloraland animal print incorporating styles and trends, they're just too F A B.

But my favourite part of Syreeta Badu's collection and her f a b ulous creative mindis how she named her collection. 'Concrete Rose', named because it draws from the harshness of the way that the media and the public sometimes feel about aplus size womanThe Rose that blossomed through the concrete is the confidence in their own skin that women of today are happily starting to show off. 
Syreeta also carefully named each garment in her 2012 collection with descriptions of what she wishes for all women to feel like when wearing her clothing - How f a b ulous is that?

Beauty Works also returned for Day 2 with their amazing selection of hair products for your every needs!

Award winning Beauty Works lead the way in hair fashion, hair trends and hair styles and stock all the latest beauty and hair trends you see on the red carpet, on TV and in your favourite magazines.

Beauty Works provide hair extensions and accessories to include Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Alesha DixonCheryl Cole and The Saturdays! 

Another brand returning from Day 1 was Didi's Boutique who have the most amazing stock and collections.

"Didi’s Boutique was established in January 2013 by owner and founder Anna Mansoor. As a busy mother of two, she began to sell and advertise clothes, working from home using marketing and social networking sites such as Facebook and eBay. Gradually, as her customer base grew she then attended events and local shows and filled her remaining time arranging parties at people’s homes."

As a lazy hair Blogger who never uses product in my hair, and washes it daily (guilty) it was great to be introduced to the guys and products at RUSH and listen and learn about their hair tips and products, with their selection of L'oreal Professional products and samples. 

I was given a RUSH goody bag with L'oreal Professionnel products inside including their Volume mouse and Styling hold spray that I just couldn't wait to try! 

Blog post coming soon featuring my In The Style 1st Birthday Event post where I used product in my hair for the first time using my RUSH L'oreal goodies creating a Marylin inspired look.

One of my favourite jewellery brands at #BLFW Day 2 was the amazing creative designs at Soundchick Accessories with their All Feather Everything Collections. 

I love anything fur and anything feathered. I'm a massive lover of texture and design and truly appreciate such amazing beauty from such stunning materials.

Soundchick Accessories had the most amazing array of feather designs from feather drop earrings in every colour, shape and style, feather covered heels and even feather bow ties

Everything just truly unique and exquisite

My favourites of the Soundchick collection had to be their stunning feather wrapped rings and especially their amazing statement peacock feather earrings, and I was lucky enough to be gifted the most stunning gold pair I absolutely adore.

Check out my write up featuring Soundchick Accessories on my #BLFW Day 1 Event here.

So at the end of #BLFW Day 2 and the end of Bloggers Love Fashion Week altogether I was feeling exhausted but elated about the brands I'd mingled with, collections I'd seen and amazing people I'd met and just overwhelmed with the success of my first event occasion, feeling so lucky to be a part of such a F A B ulous event!

Post Event

Finally back in the comfort of my Midlands home I thought I'd go through all my #BLFW goodies

 Throughout the two day event brand and companies we're gifting samples and stock to Bloggers and Celebs to style and blog about and it's fair to say, I was extremely lucky!

#BLFW Day 2 featured a 'Tweet Boutique' which allowed Bloggers to photograph and Tweet using a specific #hashtag to be in the chance of winning items and goodies! I took part in the Fiorelli Tweet Boutique and was lucky enough to win their stunning AW special Annaline Floral Grab Bag that is just colourful perfection.

The bag is a stunning print that's like a work of art, a pastel watercolour masterpiece
The Annaline bag is perfect to brighten up any outfit, or use a statement piece to base an outfit around some subtle colour palettes picking the reds, blues, yellows etc matching with an earrings, nail polish or a shoe for example. 

The Fiorelli AW Collection is gorgeous, featuring cute satchels in every side to suits any need or taste with bag shapes, colours, finishes and styles for every occasion to go with any outfit!

Styles embracing the AW14 trends of Fur and textures including Moc Croc and Quilts as well as geometric patterns and AW worthy shades too.

I also returned home to the Midlands with a F A B ulous FYT & Co goody bag with their gorgeous Geometric Patterned Wash Bag from their latest AW14 Collection.

I took my FYT & Co wash bag with my this weekend to a weekend away to Cambridge and I was so pleased with the size and quality of the bag that allowed my to cram it with my makeup, huge Burberry purfume bottle, razors, medication etc and even my large shampoo and conditioner bottles. My wash bag fears of not being about to fit everything in are now non existent with my perfectly sized FYT & Co wash bag!

I'm so in love with my Soundchick Accessories statement Gold Peacock Feather Drop Earrings, the perfect statement accessory for a LBD matched with subtle strappy gold patent shoe in a gorgeous AW worthy Gold shade.

They're a great size, not too big and not too small. About your average large hoop width and being so light are so wearable! I cannot wait to style them up with my AW14 wardrobe and make every feather love jealous with these amazing creations.

Getting my hands on Debenhams goody bag was amazing, with Debenhams' AW14 Fashion Catalouge inside as well as some Urban Decay lipstick samples that I cannot wait to try out and find my favourite shade!

I fell in love with my Didi's Boutique Pink Dogtooth Dress that was gifted to my by the lovely Didi's Boutique ladies. The dress is such amazing quility with boned structure and how it holds it skater 60's style perfectly after a 9am - 5pm day of wear.

See my #BLFW Day 2 #OOTD 60's Chic post here with all the info and link to my #OOTD featuring my Didi's Boutique Dogtooth Dress here.

The guys at Asoni Haus for NINA RAI gifted me with this stunning Swarovski Crystal Pearl Flower Slide I just cannot wait to wear, after I stop staring at it's undeniable beauty of course.

Read my #BLFW Day 1 write up hear featring the images and info about the whole NINA RAI Collection featured at #BLFW here.

It saddens me to say it, but #BLFW is now over for another year but I cannot wait to hopefully be invited to the next fashion fabness #BLFW event next year which would be amazing! 

I want to say thank you to the amazing people I met, brands I networked with and especally gorgeous brands and people who gifted me some utterly beautiful items. 

But mostly a HUGE thank you to Danielle from Bloggers Love for organising such a F A B ulous event!

Don't forget!

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