Since I started Blogging I've found myself insanely busier with lots to do and lots to remember and in desperate need of organisation

From daily postal arrivals to floods of emails, blog post and outfit planning, event schedules and trips to London, my poor iPhone calendar is being truly tested and searching for a suitable diary mid-year hasn't been easy either. With 2014 diaries pointless at the time of year with only a few months left spending £15-£20 on a 3 month diary seemed awfully stupid, and mid-year August to August diaries just not fitting up to my expectations when spending £20. 

Then scrolling through Instagram one day among all the fabulous Blogger Insta profiles I follow more and more of the same planners kept popping up with personal Blogger personalisations not only on the cover, but within the planner and my search was over as I discovered the amazing designs and in planner options from Personal Planner

Personal Planner is brilliant. When in need of organisation not everyone has the same planner wants and needs, and Personal Planner offer an amazing range of options when designing your dream planner. 

Not only do they offer Planners in a range of sizes and options - from small portrait, to medium square and large landscape as well as your standard A5 sized planner too - but Wall Planner Calendars and Notebooks too. 

You can design your dream Planner with Personal Planner's indesign options of colours, patterns or design themes, or the option I chose of uploading your own design. Upload your design of picture collages, family photos or personalise it to your blog or websitelike me

Inside your Personal Planner you can customise your first page with all your contact information, so if you and your planner are separated, you're not apart for long! 

Personal Planner also allows you to pick the inlay design of your planner and how you want your days and weeks laid out. With options to also add items to the bottom of your daily/weekly page such as 'to do' list, workouts, lists, exams, ruled lines, graphs etc as well as choosing what you want your planners back pages to include. For example 2014-2015 overview pages, or squared/rules lines for you to document or even sheets of music

For my Personal Planner I chose a horizontal daily layout and a week spread over 2 pages for my inlay design which is fabulous to be able to view a week over a double page spread. I then added a 'to do' list, 'list of the week' and a notes option to the bottom of each of my double page spreads to allow me to ad certain thing to the bottom of my weekly plans without clogging up my days.

For my pack page options I chose a 2014-2015 overview double page spread, lined pages and a 10 page map. I think a map is such a useful option to have in a planner, with a Europe page overview, UK page overview, Norwegian sea overview, Africa/Atlantic overview, Canada, US and South America overview, China, Russia and Thialand overview and finally Australian and World View overviews. 

Personal Planner also give you a plastic wallet insert of you place where you wish, as well as a ruler insert for the annoying times where you can find a straight lined apparatus anywhere and you know you always have your Personal Planner

I began filling my Planner from my iPhone calendar immediately after my personalised planner quickly arrived and began setting out my days with occasions, birthdays, deliveries etc. The size of the A5 Personal Planner is the perfect size for me, with enough space and glance in the weekly double page spread and enough lines and space in the days for me to jot down all my occasions as well as enough room for notes and lists, and if not I always have my handy bottom page options for 'to do' lists etc. 

For those busy or well organised types who also find it difficult to find the perfect, affordable, attractive and well laid out diary/planner, then look no further! Personal Planner's simple design options, and multi inlay/layout options are just perfect for you design the perfect Planner companion for your personal needs. 

From Personal Planner's from only £14.95 that you can design how you wish including all your carefully selection inlays etc buying your dream planner from Personal Planner is just a no-brainer

I'm in love with my new planner and my new stress-free Blogger life with my occasions and blog plans and ideas set in my planner, with no excuses for forgetfulness

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