I've been Fashion Blogging for 5 Months now and have thoroughly enjoyed the Blogging journey. I was never really sure of the response or feedback I'd have from my black and white theme, my writing style and my outfit choices, but for my Instagram followers who recommended I start a Blog, I stuck to it. 

The response has been amazing, and I'm so grateful to have such opportunities and been able to work with such amazing brands from Paul's Boutique, Motel, Shu Sole, Catseye, Lavish Alice, Flossy Shoes and many, many more.

After attending Blogger Love Fashion Week and speaking to lots of established Bloggers and friends Jess Sheppard, Albertine Brandon, Alisha White and talking to them about their Blog, Style and any advice they had for me a relatively new Blogger, the work 'Vlog' kept popping up, and I thought from the amazing response I'd had already for my blog, readers and followers it was time to branch out further into the Blogging world and take the plunge into Vlogging and Styled by Charlie's YouTube Channel was born.

For my Vlogs and YouTube Channel I want to keep the content fresh and beneficial to my viewers and create informative videos for you all from Shopping Hauls, Nail Tip and Tricks, Bargain Finds, Makeup Tips and Tutorials and much, much, more

If there is anything else specific you'd like to see on my Vlog or Blog please leave a comment bellow or on one of my videos as I'd love to know. 

So I'd really love it if you could take a look at my Channel watch my first two Vlog Haul Videos and check out my bargain Primark finds of their amazing new AW14 Collection and more from brands such as Jones + Jones, Flossy, eBay etc.

Take a look Comment about what you think, give it a Thumbs Up, comment what more you'd like to see from Styled by Charlie's Vlog and most of all SUBSCRIBE


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