I recently got sent the most amazing gift/present from the most amazing unique edible gift idea company Boomf

I'd seen these amazing creations all over social media platforms at have been obsessed with their fabulous and unique design and idea. I love anything creative and anything 'out of the box' and think that this is just just a F A B ulous idea for a gift or special treat for any occasion. 

I love making and documenting memories, I'm a sucker for capturing every living moment on my camera or iPhone. I photograph e v e r y t h i n g, that it even gets on my boyfriend and families nerves when get them to - on the odd and rare occasion - take a photo (or 8 Oops!) for me. 

I love to take advantage of modern technology in that way and use the cloud, the unknown and social media to keep all those special images and memories safe an sound.

I regularly get my images printed and get hard copies of my favourite images usually from my social media account, especially my Instagram which I religiously use as my Daily Photo Diary with my strict monochrome theme.  

I love how companies and brands are also taking advantage of the accessibility to social media and it's amazing talents. So when I cam across Boomf and its utterly F A B ulous, unique idea I thought I NEED some of these! 

Boomf offer amazing Printed Marshmallows

Yes! Marshmallows with your favourite pictures on, who would've thought of that?

So you can now have your favourite treat printed with your favourite Instagram photos, uploaded straight from your Instagram onto your Marshmallows and delivered straight to your door. Yes, I am being serious! 

I first got to see the full genius idea of Boomf in the flesh at Bloggers Love Fashion Week where Boomf and Bloggers Love themed printed Marshmallows were their for Bloggers and Celebs to snack on, and I thought what a fantastic idea

So when I was lucky enough to be treated to my own box of Boomf's amazing Printed Marshmallows.

Despite being a very longterm Vegetarian and knowing I can't eat Marshmallow's unfortunately, but I didn't want that to stop me enjoying the Boomf craze, and why do I have to eat them myself? I treated my boyfriend, Tom to my package of Boomf's as he loves marshmallows!

I was so excited to choose which of my monochrome themed Instagram photos to cover my Boomf Marshmallow box with, and being for Tom I wanted them to be special to him too. I chose a selection of picture from our travels to New York and Paris with pictures of Marcaroons, our Love Lock etc and I couldn't resist some fashion related pictures too, uploaded straight from Instagram to Boomf

I just think Boomf is such a unique gift idea for any Marshmallow lover! A personalised gift is always a treasured gift, but a treasured gift you can eat? What's better?

Your Boomf Box is printed and delivered so quickly, mine arrived within 2 days of ordering in a gorgeous metallic packaging and a cute Boomf box protecting my Marshmallows.

All your Boomf related question can be answered here, with every question and query you need to ask, answered in true Boomf style. 

So with Christmas now just around the corner and the gift challenge soon commencing why not treat your family, boyfriend, best friend etc to an amazingly unique personalised gift literally covered with your favourite memories, embarrassing moments and favourite snaps from over the years that you can reminisce over, then EAT! Such a brilliant gift idea! 

So head over to Boomf, scroll down your Instagram, find you favourite snaps and get your amazing Boomf-mallows printed and sent right to your door. 


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