At the beginning of the month I was invited to a few Blogging Events and as my first event invites as a Blogger I began the 'Blogger Business Cards' designing task. Being a Photographer and working in retail and buying as well designing business cards is a regularly task for me. I've tried and testing many companies when coming to print my cards, and through many trial and error attempts, for the best business cards I will use no one other than Moo.

Business Cards are so important to any person, company, shop or brand. A tiny rectangular piece of card that has to include all your business/contact details and information as well as saying a lot about you. But mostly, I believe business cards should be memorable and what I love about Moo is they offer a memorable designing program on their website that allows you to create a memorable and unique selection of cards that will make you proud to give out.'s designing program built in to their website where you can upload your own design, create online at allow you to not only create one face to your dream business cards but as many business card faces as you wish! Alternate from a logo face, photo face, coloured face etc. Alternate your business card fronts as you please and create a little Pocket Portfolio.

What's also F A B about is their amazing service and quality of service, respect and accessibility for customers. give you a large choice when it comes to business cards from size to finish, quantity and style and even shape, yes shape

Gone are the days of the 'Standard Business Card', when you shop with you have the choice of shape with you dream business cards. Obviously you can have the standard shaped business card in the highest quality, or you can have a Rounded Edged Business Card or even branch out to the adorable Mini Business Cards. At 74x32cm the Mini Cards are that different and unique sized business card. So if you don't have a lot to include on your business card design why not go half the size and for the memorable and adorable Mini Cards, that are no excuse not the fit in a wallet pocket at their tiny size they're so manageable also offer a range of finishes and card options for your Business Card to fit every want and need. With a Glossy or a Matte finish to your desired taste, or choose from a choice of card styles Classic; A heavy paper with silky finish this stock was chosen for its great print quality and luxurious, thick feel. Available in gloss finish, or a Luxe; Our finest paper stock. Four layers of sumptuous Mohawk Superfine sandwiched together to create the ultimate Business Card.

You can order your Business Card in a range of quantities, so order just the perfect amount you don't get tied into ordering 1000's of cards you only need a couple of hundred of.  

Your Business Cards are printed an delivered fast protected in gorgeous packaging evenly distributed in 4 sections. One of my ultimate favourite things about shopping with is how not only are you business cards delivered in a lovely box for you to keep them all nice and crisp, but you're given a Business Card Holder equipped with 'Mine' and 'Theirs' dividers for you to separate your business cards to the ones you've been given my others, GENIUS

My favourite thing about using is their use of creative genius when enabling customers to create and fun and memorable experience when designing their business cards but most importantly fun and memorable experience for customersrepresentativesbrands etc when giving them your business card.. Let them choose which card they want

Give them a choice of all your Business Card faces and let them choose their favourite as they'll be sure to remember you and your fun business card which enables them then to remember the experience when they revisit your business card. 

When designing my Styled by Charlie Blogger Business Cards I wanted them to be simple with information, yet effective with layout but most of all, shout something about me

Thinking hard about my designs and hard about how important business cards are for small piece of card. I decided I wanted my business card's to reflect 3 things; My style, my love for monochrome and myself.

For my business cards to reflect my style and my blog I obviously wanted them to mention my Fashion Blogger status as well as my hobby/other profession my Photography abilities. But also to somehow reflect the 'written by me' aspect and 'from the heart' aspect of Blogging and documenting my style, events, day-to-day posts and my personal style

Thinking hard how I can keep it simple, and to the point but reflect all of those things I started on my Logo

Starting with my Blogger/Photographer hobby/profession I placed them in my logo as a strap line with a strong and professional typewriter font. Then thinking how I can include my 'Styled by Charlie' title in the logo but reflect my 'written by me' 'from the heart' Blogger status with the use of a font... I went for a handwriting font reflecting my heart written blog with a simple but effective use of a just a font.

Using my new 'Styled by Charlie' logo, I wanted the details and information side of my blog to contain my logo but wanted it to reflect my style and my blog, so I decided to keep the details side black and white reflecting my Monochrome theme and also containing my social media links with just a simple black on white logo reference to each, and lastly my blog link at the bottom. 

When designing the faces/fronts of my business cards I wanted them to reflect my as well as my blog and love of fashion. So what better to reflect me than a personal Style by Charlie (Charlie Pallett) Quote

"People come and go, 
Fashion is forever."

- Blogger, Charlie Pallett 

I found through life people do 'come and go' but fashion has been a real rock and a dedication for me -  and no doubt many others - to aspire, be inspired by and follow daily for something that's forever changing and forever baffling us fashion lovers with a trends come and go, but fashion will always remain

So with my quote and favourite saying I knew that had to be the face of my business card, to just shout me

So to further reflect me I wanted to create not only a monochrome colour to the face of my business cards but use's amazing option to have not only one face, but seven! I love monochrome, so a black and white face had to be included. However I'm not a complete black and white person, I like to think and hope my blog and relaxed writing style show my colour side beyond my monochrome exterior. 

So I carefully selected 6 other colours to represent me for the face of my business cards. With 7 total shades that I think represent my personality and me as a whole my design was complete, and I love them.

My Business Cards arrived quickly just in time for my month of September Blogger Events and they went down an absolutely treat! Bloggers, brands and companies loved choosing their favourite! Some choosing their favourite colour, the colour of an items they were wearing, even the colour I was wearing so they remembered on Bloggers Love Fashion Week Day 2, "Girl in pink dress, pink card".'s interactive business card experience is utter genius and have that aspect and being such amazing quality as well, is just a business card no brainer


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