I'm obsessed with all things interiors and homeware.
I'm forever shopping in home stores and trailing eBay and Freecycle for New Furniture.

However what comes with a love for homeware and interiors is the constant need and want to change and update.

Here's no Simple #DIY Trick to update your Homeware items using £2.49 Spray Paint!

Take any Wooden, Plastic or Ceramic Homeware item you're always looking at and wishing it looked a bit more stylish!

I chose a Wicker Basket that had been sitting around since my Oloves Delivery arrived in it and I instantly stated thinking 'What can I do with that?'...

Well! With a bit of imagination and a can of spray paint, you can't update it to be a statement piece of your kitchen, bathroom or dressing table!

I picked up 2 Cans of PlastiKote Fast Dry Project Enamel for £2.49 each from B&M Bargains.
I chose a Chrome & Brass/Copper Finish.

However they have everything from Matte Black to Duck Egg Blue!
But with love for Chrome & Copper I couldn't resist.

First, I decide to Spray the Bottom of my Wicker Basket.
Shake the Spray Can vigorously before use and spray onto the item leaving about 30cm distant from the can to the item and spray all over until each area is covered.

Please Note:
Make sure you're doing this outside in a protected area and not damaging and recolouring all the outdoor elements.
Note: Use Newspaper

My Wicker Basket has gone from tired to Vibrant Copper in seconds!

Second, I wanted to add a modern edge to to my New Upcycle!

I took the Chrome Effect Can and again leaving a 30cm distance between the can and the basket spraying continuously until each piece is covered evenly.

The PlastiKote Chrome Effect Can gives the perfect Chrome Look!
I love it!

Then, leave to Dry until dry to touch.

You've then got a unique, one of a kind Wicker Basket.
Just like that!

Perfect as a Letter Basket in your Hall Way or a Fruit Basket in your Kitchen.
Even a Jewellery or Stationary Basket for you Dressing Table or Desk!

A stylish, unique piece for your home!
 The wonders or Spray Paint!

Let me know how you get on with your Spray Paint Epicycles!

Send me Pictures of Twitter & Instagram!

Thanks for reading!

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