I'm been a huge Primark Fan since I my love for shopping an fashion blossomed in my very early teens. I've always love the variety and accessibility of affordably fashionable clothing and a store you can rely on for all your fashionable basic essentials all year round.

I've been even more of a fan of Primark, now much older in my early 20's since they've brought out there Home Range. With a passion for interiors and design have falling in love with it for affordable Homeware.

Even more recently fallen even more (didn't think this was possible) in love with Primark since they've launched their P.S Love Beauty Collection

However, the only problem with Primark's Home & Beauty Ranges are you have to head to the more larger store to get the best variety as many hardly stock any of the Homeware Range and minimal amounts of the P.S Love Beauty Range.
My local store Primark Corby has a very minimal range of Primark's Home & Beauty.
So when we ventured to Leicester this weekend which has 3 Floors of Primark Perfection I made sure I went round every single bit of the Home & Beauty Sections.

So on that trip to my favourite affordable shop I surprisingly indulged in a little spree in the Home & Beauty Departments!
So heres a Primark Home & Beauty Haul of all the goodies I bought!

I've been in love with Candles for the past 18 Months or so.
But when I 'in love' I'm mean a completely over the top obsession!

So when I saw this White Cardamon & Sage Candle in Primark with a Wooden Lid and simple but stylishly effective packaging for £4.00 it went straight in my basket!
I got home and lit it straight away! It has a The White Company feel about it not only from the packaging but from the scent, it burns so nicely.

This week I revamped my Dressing Room into a Dressing Room come Living Room for my Boyfriend as a surprise! So he now has his own little 'Chill Zone' with our New TV & Xbox One in situ in our own little living space.

With a new living space comes the need (or any excuse) to buy new coasters!
I picked up this Set of 4 Retro Style Cork Drinks Coasters for £2.00.

With a passionate for Interiors (I also work Full Time in a Furniture & Interiors Shop) comes an addiction to knowing what's hot and what's not!
You'll probably know that initial and alphabet ornaments are crazy popular at the moment as well as a huge trend of copper! So when I saw this Copper Ampersand in Primark for £4.00 it went straight in my basket!

Oliver Bonas do one very similar for a much less afforable price.

I had to have this!

These 3 Items have all gone straight into our New 'Chill Zone' and look perfect together with the similar colourings from the wood, cork and copper.
But they also look so expensive for  only £10 worth of attractive Homeware!

Next, I ventured up to the 2nd Floor which is had a huge Beauty Section!
In my July Favourites I mentioned my love for Primark's P.S Love Beauty because I hardly hear it raved about apart from on Becca Rose's YouTube Channel.

I loved their P.S Love Matte Long Last Lipstick in a Nude Shade so when I saw these other shades I had to add them to my collection!

As a Red Lipstick lover I picked up the Red Shade in Rouge à Lévres and then went for the the Pink Shade in Pink Fizz. They're called 'Matte' however I think they're more of a 'Semi Matte' finished.

They're creamy and not drying and do last really, really well!
For a £2.00 Lipstick they also have great pigmentation and I can't wait to wear them.

A bright pink Facial Cleansing Pad then caught my eye for £1.50.
However I'm not going to use it as a Facial Cleanser I'm going to use it as a Brush Cleaner!
I think the textured bristles will be perfect for cleaning my makeup brushes and for £1.50 I took the risk! So if it works well, I'm sure you'll see it in my August Favourites, but I'll keep you posted!

Next I picked up 2 Velvet Matte Lip Crayons in Shades Pink & Red.
As you can see from the swatches they're so pigmented.
The Red a coral orange shade perfect for Summer or to brighten up a dull look in Winter.
The Pink a berry red which is the perfect shade for Summer or Autumn.
I own 2 of Maybelline's Matte Balms and these P.S Love Beauty Velvet Matte Crayons are much more pigmented and have more staying power, and at £2.00 Each I couldn't resist.

I've been loving Primark's P.S Love Lip Liners recently, as you saw in my July Favourites.
They've got great pigment and I think they are so, so similar to MAC's Lip Liners, and I know thats a big statement. But try them!

I own 4 different shades already but saw this shade in Pink for £1.00 and thought it definitely needed to be added to my collection as it's going to be perfect with the Velvet Lip Crayon & Lipstick I'd already popped in my basket!

In my June Favourites I mentioned my love for Primark's P.S Love Foundation Stick.
It's £2.50 of complete makeup perfection!
With high coverage and a creaming bendable constancy, it's so amazing.

I don't use it as a Foundation though, I think it's the best concealer I own and has completely taken over from my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

I buy the P.S Love Foundation Stick in Shade Fair rather than the Dark Shade.
However, you could buy both as the Dark Shade would make an amazing Light Contour like the New Tyra Banks Contour Stick but for only £2.50!

Continuing my obsession with Copper, I picked up this adorable Metallic Copper Brush/Pen Holder for £2.00 which I though would make the perfect home for my Makeup Brushes or equally a Pen Holder on my Desk.

It's Copper and £2.00... I had to right?

We recently bought a new fridge and when it returned home with my only specification of a Ice Dispenser missing I began buying loads of Ice Trays. As a Gin & Tonic drinker I get through a lot of ice! So when I saw this far too cute Pineapple Ice Tray I put it straight in my basket without even checking the price. To be pleasantly surprised at the checkout to find it was on Sale for 50p!

I love rustic interiors like boxes and wooden items.
When I saw this Hessian Bucket Pot for £3.00 I thought of so many uses for it in my home I had to have it! I'm going to use it to put my Makeup and Cosmetics in on my display table and think it would make the perfect bedside accessory to for your jewellery and things!

I love Primark's Lip Liners, but I've not tried Primark's Eye Liners!
This little summery 2 Pack of Eyeliners in White & Gold with a Sharpener called out to me for £1.50 so I thought if I'm going to love them as much as I love the Lip Liners this is going to be a good purchase! So, I'll keep you informed!

Lastly, if you've followed my Blog or Instagram from the start then this will not be a surprise.
But I completely and utterly adore Primark's P.S Love Nail Range!
You really can't beat it! £1.00 for a Pack of 24 of the most fun, fashionable and adorable Nails?
I've been wearing them since they launched. They're so amazing!
They come in the most fun designs and theres always, always brand new designs, I practically collect them! So this week I picked up 4 of my Favourite Designs to stock up on.

Stiletto French Tip, Pineapple's, Ice Creams and Polka Dots!

Whether you're a Primark fan like me, or maybe you're not!
I hope this has given you some New Home & Beauty Ideas to check out next time your in Primark or maybe it's given you a reason to go in!

Let me know if you pick up any of these next time you go in or if you've bought any amazing Home & Beauty Items recently you think I'd like but tagging me on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Since with did Primark Home have such gorg stuff?? So heading there today!! xx

    1. I know!
      So glad you like the post. Let me know how you get on!
      Send me a picture on Twitter: @pallettBLOGGER or Instagram: @CharliePallett of what you get!
      Can't wait to see!



  2. I adore primarks homeware section! I use it all the time for my uni room especially. I love the copper brush holder! I will defiantly be going on a shopping spree in primary next time I'm there! I've never tried their beauty range but I have to say I am now quite tempted!

    Katie xo

    1. The beauty range is so good!
      Let me know what you get from Beauty & Homeware and send me a picture on Twitter: @pallettBLOGGER or Instagram: @CharliePallett I love seeing what people buy! Let me know if theres some stuff I'd missed too!

      Thanks for your comment!



  3. So many cute things!!! I loved going to Primark in London, and can't wait for ours to open in Boston! I hope they have some of these goodies they're going on my shopping list!

    Kate //

    1. I know right? I'm obsessed with it all!

      Ooh! How exciting!
      Primark is literally only one of the decent store we actually have near me.

      Let me know what you buy!




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