I do most of my weekly shopping in ASDA and love their departments and variety of products.
This week I was strolling down the Bath & Body isle to collect some New Shampoo when a shelf of Red Sale/Offer signs caught my eye of £2.50 on all NSpa Products.

I mentioned in my July Favourites how much I'm loving my NSpa Massager I picked up from ASDA for 50p. So when I saw their Bath & Body Products on offer at £2.50 Each I had to give it a try!

NSpa are exclusive to ASDA however I've never really heard them mentioned as a brand anywhere.

They have a range of scents from Eucalyptus to Jojoba and a range of Lotions to Candles.
I decided to buy 1 of every Scent so I could pick my favourite once I'd use them, and it's always nice to have a selection!

I'm so impressed with them! That I had to share them with you!
I've never been one for Baht & Body products, I'm much more of a Skincare and Makeup girly.
But I thought it was about time I picked some Bath & Body products up.

As for the NSpa Products, The Body Wash is so creamy a little goes a really long way.
The Scrub is so rejuvenating and makes my skin so, so soft.
The Oil is amazing and leaves my skin so hydrated and soothed and the Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang scent is definitely my favourite with a slight masculine edge but so beautiful. 

I'l definitely be buying more of the brand on my next trip to ASDA as it's so nice to find a brand that out of the 3 Products you tried, that you love them all!
So, when you're next in ASDA be sure to pick up some NSpa products and please let me know what you think via Instagram or Twitter, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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