Recently I attended Blogger's Love Food and Drink Festival in London.
I met fellow Blogger and utterly lovely human Amanda Bootes and we attended the Event together.
We met a lot of amazing Companies, New Foods and Innovative Food & Drink Ideas I can't wait to share with you!

I'm a huge Foodie and I love Olives!
At The Blogger's Love Food & Drink Festival I was introduced to Olive Brands, Oloves!

Oloves creation of easy to eat, low calorie, pitted and seasons Olives are just heaven.
They're Fresh natural olives with no stones. No mess with the pocket size packets and no messy brine.
The flavour selections are perfection to and Low Calorie at 50 Calories per packet they're healthily yummy too!

You can buy Oloves in the UK at Wetherspoons, Ocado, Shell Service/Petrol Stations, Palmer & Harvey,  Holland & Barrett and more!
However I expect we'll probably see them in more and more place and they're just the most perfect snack, and for 89p at Ocado they couldn't be more perfect.

If you're travelling on a plane any time soon you can also find Oloves on the like of Ryanair, Thomas Cook, Monach, Thomson, Air Berlin and many more!

 Now onto the different flavours of Oloves!

First I couldn't resist the Basil & Garlic Flavour.
I use Basil & Garlic (the most perfect culinary partnership in my eyes!) in everything!
Pasta, Casseroles on Pizzas... Everything!

What I loved most about the Oloves Basil & Garlic Flavour is that strength in flavour just from a little pocket packet! The perfect amount of Garlic & Basil with moist, green pitted olives is so tasty!

Secondly I thought I give the cute little pink Chilli & Oregano packet a whirl!
I love Chilli & I love Heat!

However, I find usually with product that have 'Chilli' on the front they never really deliver in the spicy area and never really tickle my pickle.
However I was pleasantly surprised to get the Chilli Kick from my Oloves Chilli & Oregano Packet!

So ridiculously yummy!

The third flavour is Lemon & Rosemary.
Maybe Basil & Garlic is a bit too much of the norm for you and you love a summery citrus hint.
Well try the Lemon & Rosemary flavour which is perfect for your Summery Snack for your Summer Picnic!

Lastly, and my Favourite!
Chili & Garlic.

My 2 Favourite things!

I love Black Olives! They're my favourite Olive out there. 
Black Olives with the flavour from the garlic and heat kick from the Chilli it's the most amazing quick fix to flavour from a 50 Calorie Snack that I wish I had an endless supply.

I don't shop at Ocado, but I think I may just have to now.
Just to get my Oloves Fix.

If your a Olive or flavoursome snack fan and didn't know about Oloves amazing Range of Healthy Olive Snacks I hope you've round this as interesting and informative as I did when I learnt about the Brand!

I can't wait to get my hand on more they're just the perfect On-The-Go, Low Calorie Handbag Snack Companion!

Thanks for reading!


  1. These look amazing! I'm confused about you listing Superquinn Stores though? They were never in the UK, and went into receivership in Ireland in 2011?


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