I've a huge obsession with Candles!
All things, everything, Candles!

I recently discovered a New Candle Brands I've yet to try, St Eval Candle Company.

The attractive Silver Tin Candles are £9.00 each.
Which to a non candle lover will sound like a lot of money for a tin of wax, but as a Candle Lover you learn whats a good Candle. As theres nothing worth than buying a Candle that doesn't burn like it smells and tunnels through the middle.

With these Hand Poured, 3 St Eval Tin Candles I was sold by their 45 Hour Burn Time and their Unique Scents that reminded me of Jo Malone Scents with their fresh and floral combinations I had to have all three!

The scents are stunning I fell in love with them all.
The Sea Salt Scent is my definitely my favourite.
I was intrigued by the 'Salt' aspect with really comes through with a masculine edge but I absolutely love it! 

I went into two shops today that both sold St Eval Candle Company's Candles and was told by both shop assistant how popular they are. So if you're not familiar with them, I'm sure they'll show up in a shop near your soon.
(But you can also purchase them through the website)

Let me know if you've tried St Eval Candle Company's Candles and which are your favourite scents and the ones I should pick up next!

Thanks for reading!

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