How the hell has June already been and gone and that we now find ourselves over half way through 2015 already?

I've no idea..

But with another month gone it's time for more of my Monthly Favourites!
I've been loving lots of things this month from Beauty, Fashion, Technology, Books and Health & Fitness.

Zara Black Leather Handbag with Moschino Scarf
I bought this handbag from Zara when I was in London a few months ago but this month I've rekindled my love for it!
I adore the relaxed, slouched leather look with straps, buckles and handles what seems like everywhere. I jazzed it up by adding my Moschino Teddy Bear Scarf I was gifted by Pop Sugar and ShopStyle which had gold accents that really compliment the bag,
It just such an easy grab and go back you can fit everything and more inside, I love it.

Shade: Super Nude & Blush Pink
I've read and heard so much about the Soap & Glory Makeup Collection and so when I was last in Boots I picked up these stunning Matte Nudes from the Collection.
One is Super Nude which is like MAC Velvet Teddy but creamier, the other is Blush Pink which is a stunning 'My Lips but Better' shade that is the perfect summery nude.

I was sent these samples this month was a brand I wasn't familiar with, Nicka K New York.
I've never been much of a Blusher girl but I think that's down to mainly never finding the right one!
This Nicka K Blush in Peach NY064 is the best blusher I've found to date by far!
The packaging itself is a masterpiece with Rose Gold lid which includes a mirror at the top which pulls off to reveal a Puff with a small hole inside that releases the blush from the pot bellow.
This allows you to apply blush easily without the need of a brush keeping the mess minimal and allowing you to direct the blush wherever you like as well as blending at the same time.
It's genius!
As for the Lipstick, I'm only usually ever a Matte Lipstick girl but this is more of shine lipstick but with amazing pigmentation. The Nicka K New York Hydro Lipstick is what I would describe as a Coral Summer Red with a orange tone the Shade is Stop NY002, its gorgeous!

P.S Love Foundation Stick from Primark
Shade: Light 1
I'd heard Becca Rose rave about the Primark P.S Love Makeup Collection but unfortunately my local Primark only has very limited stock of the collection.
So when I was last in Oxford Street last Month I made sure I visited the Primark to check out the P.S Love Range.
I picked up quite a few bits which I'll do a haul about but I couldn't help mention the Foundation Stick in my Monthly Favourites as I've been using it non-stop!
It's a creamy constancy that I apply straight from the stick.
However I don't use it as a foundation, I use it as a concealer as the coverage is amazing!
Being in the lightest shade too it makes great for cream highlighting under the eyes for that Kardashian Look!
If you love high coverage concealer like me I'd highly recommend seeking out this little beauty.

Shade: No. 54 Beige
I've been trying out so many foundations this year and last month I wrote my Foundation Guide (see here) and thought I'd found my favourite foundations ever!
However, whilst getting carried away in Boots with their 3 for 2 Offer I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation to try as I love the concealer.
It's great! The perfect balance between high coverage and lightweight finish.
If you love the Healthy Mix Concealer, you'll love this!

Shade: 047 Cappuccino
I love nude lips and have become more and more obsessed with the 90's Nude Brown Lip Trend.
I find lip liners so handy when finding the perfect nude lip but I couldn't find one dark enough for that brown look.
Until I watched Sarah Ashcroft's YouTube Video where she used this Rimmel Liner in Cappuccino.
It's the perfect Nude Brown shade and I love wearing it with my Soap & Glory Super Nude over the top and for £2.99 it's a makeup collection essentials in my eyes.

Spectrum have become a brush brand dominating social media and with their gorgeous designs and extensive collection I couldn't wait to try them!
Not only are the stunning to look at with their pastel pink and blue colourings but they're amazing!
The Contour Queen Brush is perfect for cream contour.
The Part of Your World Buffer is amazing for applying foundation and blending.
The No. 1 Fan Brush is amazing for your powder highlight.
The Angled Brow Love Brush is (and possibly my favourite) ideal for applying my brow powder.
They're so soft, so pretty and so, so perfect for applying makeup.
I need every single brush!

Gucci Sunglasses
This month I was made very, very happy when I finally found my Gucci Sunglasses I thought I'd lost!
I bought these last summer when my boyfriend and I went to Bicester Outlet Village from Gucci.
I love the frame with an almost flat top, the plunging eyes and tortoiseshell highlights on the insides.
They're that signature brown Gucci colouring and they're so, so perfect!
I'm so glad I found them. 

I've been searching for a slightly difference, statement pair of sunglasses for the last month or too but not wanting to break the bank by doing so.
I found these amazing Tiger Wood Effect Oversized Sunglasses from ASOS for only £12.00 and I'm obsessed with them!
I wear a lot of black and I love that these add a new and funky dimension to what would normally be a boring look. ASOS have some amazing sunglasses at such affordable prices.

I'm obsessed with Candles.
But I don't think you can ever have too many!
On my recent trip to TK Maxx I picked up this stunning DW Home Candle in Gardenia & Indigo Scent and it's beautiful.
It doesn't smell like any of my other candles in my collection it's got a strong but fresh scent, almost perfume like.

If you've been reading my Blog you'll know about my #Clean9 Detox which I've been doing for the last 9 Days to loose a bit of weight...
I've actually lost over half a stone and inches from my waist, hips, thighs etc and I'm so, so glad I've done it!
If you want to follow my #Clean9 Journey or know more about it click here to read my #Clean9 Daily Diary.

During my #Clean9 Detox I've been working out a lot so I bought some New Workout Clothing.
I wanted some good quality and good looking workout clothing so I checked out Fabletics.
They have an extensive variety for whatever you are after in activewear, as well as a First Outfit for £22 Offer which I took complete advantage of!
I got some Capri Pants and an Oversized White Tee to workout in and I'm glad I did!

Last month my boyfriend and I treated ourselves to Apple Watches.
I'm been obsessed with the Apple Watch since Apple announced it launched.
I see it as the new piece of wearable technology to take over.
I purchased the Sport Apple Watch in 38mm Black in the smaller size of 38mm other than the 42mm due to the smaller face for my smaller wrists.
I also chose the Black because I preferred the Space Grey Apple Watch face rather than the Chrome or Frosted Silver.
The Apple Watch really is incredible and worth every single penny in my eyes.
If you receive a lot of notifications, emails, texts or calls or you like to play games, work out, play music, use your events or calendar, pass book or maps then the watch will change your life.
As a Blogger my emails and notifications are important to me and my hobby and having a little tap at the wrist when I get an email or notification that I can either act on or simply dismiss just like that is amazing.
My favourite things about the Apple Watch are the Activity Feature where I monitor my Daily Activity. I also use the Fitness App at lost when working out where you can choose a work out and set whatever goal you like before receiving a workout summery when you're finished.
The Maps feature is also so, so helpful!
It's really changed my way of life since I've got an Apple Watch as well as assisting me in losing over Half a Stone during my #Clean9 Detox.
If you're contemplating an Apple Watch, go to an Apple Store and try them all one and having a play around, they really are incredible.

Unicorn Ring Holder from Home Bargains
I have a lot of jewellery especially rings and earrings.
I'm always worried about losing my earrings and forever storing them in a bunch in my jewellery boxes. Well when I found this adorable Unicorn Ring and Jewellery Cup Holder from Home Bargains the other day for 99p it's saved me a lot of hassle and saved my jewellery from damage, as well as an adorable little addition to my bedside.

This is something so special to me.
The first book me and my writing are published in.
The Bloggers Love Book is a wonderful selection of Blogger Tips and Tricks, Blogging Journeys, Blogger Tails and Helpful Advice from cover to cover from New and Established Blog and Bloggers.

My particular chapter features my Tips and Tricks for Blogging.
I loved writing my Chapter and to have it in hard copy in front of me is so special.
You can buy the Blogger's Love Book here in either Paper or Hard Back

You might be more familiar with the Calm App more than the Calm Book.
The Calm App is a Meditation App where you can take up and learn meditation easily using it to Calm, Collect and Relax.
The Calm Book is a about changing the mind and your daily life using Mindfulness.
Tips to finding the calmer you with advice and activities to being mindful and ways to adapt your life into a calmer and changed place.
I've loved reading this book. I practiced Mindfulness years ago to help deal with my Bipolar and it really changed my life. So reading more way to add mindfulness and learning to be even more mindful with tips from The Calm Book has been amazing.
I'd highly recommend it.

You may or may not being a fan of YouTube or know who Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise Pentland) is, but her first Book; Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter is really something.
I've read half of it and already never want it to end.
The pleasant and stunning visual chapters with gorgeous photography and illustrations make this life bible a must have for your book collection.
With everything from Beauty to Travel tips and advice as well as the most amazing pages that make it not only an easy read but a beautiful one.
I'd highly recommend purchasing this £4.99 Book of wonders as it really is a stunning book and read.

As I mentioned previously I'm a huge fan of Mindfulness and the way of life you can lead by being Mindful. However I know that for some people it might feel like something that you just don't have time to learn or practice.
When I was suffering badly with my Bipolar pre to my diagnosis I used to buy children colouring books and crayons and spend a hell of a lot of time colouring in pictures of tractors and princesses.
It's so calming and relaxing to just absorb black lines into your mind for hours filling them in with pretty colours.
You forget about everything and begin to completely relax into paper pages.
I recently bought The Mindfulness Colouring Book to do exactly what I used to do when I was younger but on an adult scale with the amazing new craze of adult colouring books.
I fell in love with this particular one because of the smaller size of it as well as the unique designs inside.

I find this journal in my local stationery store and I couldn't resist it.
It looks like a diary but it's actually a Creative Journal with pages of random wonderfulness for you fill in!
For me it's another calming and interesting way to spend some free time whether you fill it in all in one day or have it in your handbag for those 5 minutes sipping a coffee in a coffee shop or while you're on a train journey.
It's just a interesting, unique, creative journal for you to add some personal touches too, and I absolutely love it! 

For me the Birkenstock is the ultimate summer must have.
Since we've experience crazy temperates recently I've dusted off my Birkenstock and haven't taken them off!
They're not just the comfiest shoe I own the bust easiest.
They're perfect for day-to-day where you can you slip them on and off with no hassle or a stylish pair of footwear for your holiday while by the pool paired with a white tassel bikini.
Either way if you're looking for the perfect summer shoe I'd highly recommend investing in a pair of Birkenstocks that will last you forever!
If you're lucky like I was you'll be able to pop into your local TK Maxx and pick up a pair (or two like I did!) in so many different colours for £24.99.
A fraction of their RRP Price!
Still in stock at TK Maxx Online here, be quick!

That's my June Favourites!
I hope I've featured some new items for you to check out as well as some new book ideas for your collection!
Let me know if you purchase any or have been a favourites of yours by letting me know on Instagram or Twitter!

Thank you for reading!


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