Thank you Hannah from Floral Inspired Life for tagging me in this adorable 8 Photos of Happiness Tag!

I love photographs.
I'm a part time Photographer so photographs are not only a hobby of mine but a career choice.
They mean a lot to me.
To Pick only 8 Photo of Happiness was tricky but oh did I enjoy picking them!

My 8 Photos of Happiness

1. My Mother and I
This is a photo of my Mother and I when I was about 1 Years Old back in 1995/1996 before my little brother was born. I picked this picture because it's one I treasure best to me this is the fun snapshot of  my mine and my Mothers friendship in its very early stages.
Now me and my lovely, hilarious and amazing Mum are like best friends, and this picture is everything.

2. Sheila & Jane
This picture brings back so many memories for me.
It's a picture of my besets, besets friend and I from the early 2000's.
Liv and I spent every living minute with each only living 3 doors down from one another and attending the same school from the age of 5 to 11, we were inseparable.
We then went to different secondary schools but still spent every other minute together doing what young girls do from shopping to arguing and still over 17 Years of friendship are still the best of friends despite the distance now between the Midlands, London, Leeds, India and Magaluf...
When we speak it's like we've never left each other.
This picture to me is our friendship in still.
A Tom Boy (Me!) and a gorgeous Blonde Girly Girl!
A Snapshot of True friendship.

3. My Dreams Lie in Manhattan
This picture I captured on my trip to New York in 2013 when my Boyfriend and I went to the Big Apple on a Business Studies trip with our College.
It was the most incredible short trip where I fell in love with New York, and knew from then on that the city would mean a lot to me and remain a dream of mind to work or live there one day.
This particular shot was when I fell in love with Central Park.
The bizarre experience of being in a stunning scenic setting surrounded by the biggest building and largest crowds of people my little country bumpkin self had ever seen.
I fell in complete love, and am hoping to go back to celebrate mine and my boyfriends 21st this year!

4. Nana and Granddaughter
My grandparents have only ever lives maximum of a village away from me and despite us having a very small family we're so, so closed.
My Grandparents are my 2 favourite people in the world and my Nana in particular is possibly the most intelligent and funny lady I know, I'm proud to call her my Grandmother.
This picture mean so much to me as I was always a bit of a Tom Boy growing up and my Nana and her love for all this glittery and girly had such an impact on my style. We always had a huge chest of drawers with collections of charity shop bargains (de ja vu here!) she'd collected for us to wear and dress up in.
This picture captures our relationship and my new love for jewellery and fashion wearing my costume needs Nana had bought me.
She's awesome.

5. Our City of Love
As a couple Tom and I love travelling as well as Fashion and Food.
So we love City Breaks!
In 2014 Tom surprised me with a long weekend trip to Paris!
A City I fell in love with in the snow when I went for my 16th Birthday!
So I couldn't wait to share it with Tom this time.
Paris as a city is stunning. Ideal to travel around on foot and stumbling across because architecture and hidden shopping streets. It's a City of Hidden Gems.
So this photo of our Love Lock on Notre Dame's bridge means the world to me.

6. Scottish Christmas
In 2013 my family and I went on holiday over Christmas with our closest family friends and all stayed in a huge Country Mansion for the week of Christmas in the Scottish Hills around Loche Ness.
I captured this picture at Urquhart Castle that looks over Loche Ness where the Disney Film Braze is based around.
This picture is one of the most special pictures to me of my photography career, just managing to have that split second to catch the light and shadowing of the winter weather at such a setting.
It was a magical christmas and I love this magical picture.
See the picture in it's true beauty over on my Portfolio Page here in full colour.

7. My Crazy and Adorable Family
My family is weird but wonderful.
We're all huge characters and each have our own share of being crazier than the other.
Apart from my Boyfriend, he's the only grounded and calm one around!
This picture was taken last year at my Godfather's Wedding in a Photo Booth featuring my Boyfriend, hilarious Mother and amazing Brother. I think this picture just capture the random, wonderful and crazy family I live in and I wouldn't (really) change it for the world.
By the way, Dad is not a fan of pictures so he rarely features.

8. My Hero
My Grandad is my Superman, Prince Charming and all the other amazing Super-Men out there.
He's my Hero.
Growing up after losing my Dad's Parents both quite young I always felt my Grandad (my Mum's Dad) loved me more than anyone ever could and was forever my Hero.
I'm so lucky to have him in my life and living only a village away he really is the most special human.
My grandparents are my favourite people in the world.

Thank you for tagging me Hannah and letting me share My 8 Photos of Happiness!

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