DAY 2 -

Had a lie in today.
Not feeling hungry, still feeling extremely motivated after #Clean9 Day 1.

X2 Forever Garcinia Softgels
X2 60ml Shots of Forever Aloe Vera Gel
X1 Forever Therm Tablet
500ml of Water

The Aloe Gel is hard to take at first as it's got a strange taste, and strange constancy.
However it's essential to take in your #Clean9 Program.
I wasn't sure of the taste at first, so now I take both of my shots with my nose pinched so I can't taste it with my tablets followed by water to remove the taste.

I enjoyed yesterdays simple workout so much!
I decided to do the same again for Day 2.
My Apple Watch makes Working Out anywhere very easy and motivating how just by a flash of the wrist you can view your exercise progress from calories to heart rate.

Brisk Indoor Walk Workout to YouTube Video.
Distance: 2 Miles.
Calories Burnt: 147
Resting Calories Burnt: 40
Heart Rate: 79BPM
With 500ml Bottle of Water
Recorded via Apple Watch Fitness App

Still not feeling hungry at all that I don't even really want my shake.
But it's in my Clean 9 Planner, so shake time it is!

X2 Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels
X2 60ml Shots of Forever Aloe Vera Gel
X1 Forever Therm Tablet
500ml Water

X1 Scoop of Forever Lite Ultra in Vanilla
300ml Water
X3 Strawberries
X4 Raspberries
From 'Free Foods' List
Blended together in my Blend Active Blender, poured into my Forever Shake Bottle.
Shake well and drink.

It's been 30 Degrees Celsius today which make drinking lots of water such an ease.
However like yesterday, I'm starting to only feel peckish later on in the day.
X2 Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels
X2 60ml Shots of Aloe Vera Gel
500ml of Water

You can't just eat anything on Day 1 & 2 of #Clean9.
You need to consult your Free Foods list in your #Clean9 Booklet
Small amounts of Baby TomatoesAsparagus & Red Pepper Baked for 10 Minutes at 200 Degrees in Oven.

Handful of Strawberries

X2 60ml Shots of Forever Aloe Vera Gel


Looking forward to Day 3!
Excited to Re-Measure and see if there is any results as of yet and excited to have my first 600 Calorie Meal but not so much because I'm hungry.
Mainly because I'm a cooking addict and miss making my experimental recipes.

See you on Day 3!

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Email Gareth: Gaz21033@gmail.com

Thank you for reading!


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