As many of you will already know I recently spent 9 Days on the #Clean9 Health and Weight Loss Detox where I lost over Half a Stone in 9 Days.
You can read my whole #Clean9 Daily Diary here.

As so many people were interested in #Clean9 and what it entails I thought I'd write a daily diary.
Since then I wanted to update you all on what I'm doing health and fitness wise after finishing #Clean9.

It's been over 2 Weeks since I stopped #Clean9.
Since then I have maintained a strict health and fitness routine!
I wanted to use #Clean9 as my kick start into a healthy, fitter and hopefully thinner journey!

I'm not much of a fitness expert or fitness addict.
I'd love to be but unfortunately I had pneumonia when I was younger as struggle with strenuous and mainly cardio exercise. I also have a diagnosed set of extremely tight hamstrings my surgeon described as 'The same as a 75 Year Olds' so stretching exercise such as Yoga and Pilates isn't the easiest of things as I find it hard even tying my shoes laces.
Pathetic I know!

However I don't want thing like that to beat me.
I don't want to be unfit, I want to start and maintain a health lifestyle!
So, since #Clean9 I've been Speed Walking!
Starting with 2 Miles of Speed Walking and now I'm doing 5K at least 3 times a week!
I'm also aiming to meet or beat my Apple Watch Daily Fitness Goals of Burning 300+ Calories, 30 Minutes of Exercise, and between 8,000 - 10,000 Steps a Day.

I'm enjoying exercise again!
I'm enjoying trying to improve each time whether thats improving my time or feeling healthier and fitness doing the exercises.
I'm mixing up my 5K locations too.
Living in the countryside, this is very helpful!
My girlfriends and I do a Weekly Tuesday 5K Speed Walk together around our local forest, and I now look forward to it!

I'm finding that I'm no longer treating myself to unhealthy food or clothes I don't need.
I'm searching and buying New Fitness Gear!
I've been loving Fabletic's Range and offers!
Until they massively upset me recently with their random £44 Per Month Subscription that I wasn't made aware off.. But we won't go into that! (TOP TIP: Check out the T&C's at Fabletics first!)
As well as Primark's Fitness Collection.
I picked up some Sports Socks and the most amazing Trainers with Memory Foam Soles I just can't get enough of for less than £15!
I'm finally excited, motivated and dedicated, I can't wait to see more and more results!

During #Clean9 I noticed how much I previously ate for the sake of it and drank far, far too much Diet Coke & Coke Zero as well as how little water I was drinking!
During #Clean9 they recommend you drink 8 Glasses of Water daily.
At first I found this hard as I have a weird issue with glassware and just couldn't seem to consume so much water...

Until I started to drink it bottled!
Yes, it sound so stupid I know!
Not buying bottled water but buying Refillable Bottle.
I picked up a Fitness Bottle that had an RRP £8.99 that I picked up in Home Bargains for £4.99!
I seem to just drink and drink water out of it and am now definitely getting the recommended 8 Glasses Daily... At least!

Health and Body wise after #Clean9 I feel amazing.
I feel happy, motivated, excited and healthy!
I've noticed since #Clean9 that my skin is clear and hydrated. I'm sleeping a lot better. I'm not craving food at all. I've go so much energy too!

On to Food!
I'm a huge foodie anyway.
I love food and I love cooking!
I'm quite a healthy eater anyway due to being Vegetarian (and disliking fish, potatoes and dairy!) I eat so, so, so many vegetables and I prefer the wholemeal side of life anyway.
My main aim was to control my portion sizes, to not over eat or snack and I've managed all of those with ease!
#Clean9 shrank my stomach so I can't eat as much as I was without getting so full, which is helpful!
Doing #Clean9 also made me realise that when I think I'm hungry, I'm actually not!

Now when I'm cooking my meals at night I'm not that hungry anyway but I love cooking and am excited to cook up something healthy and amazing!
I've fallen in love with Courgetti!
I've been so eager to try this vegetable spaghetti craze but didn't want to fork out £30 on an huge, overpriced, ugly spiralizer all the YouTubers have been raving about.
So with my Bargain Hunting Uniform on I headed to eBay and found my new favourite kitchen accessory.. My Vegetable Sharpener!
It's actually what it says on the tin. A Giant Sharpener for Sharpening Veg!
I use it to make Courgetti all the time!
So quite, simply and easy and only takes 5 minutes to make a whole meal!

I'm also staying away from sweets and sugary treats (I don't eat chocolate anyway) and staying to natural sugars like fruit and healthy cereals. As well as always choosing the wholemeal option when it comes to pasta too!

Honestly, I've not weighed myself since #Clean9.
I never used to weigh myself anyway!
I'm a strong believer in you weigh what you feel, and know when you've lost or put on weight just by getting out of the bed or popping on clothes in the morning.
I don't feel like you have to get a digital reading of it by standing on scales, you know if you've put on or lost weight just by being you.
I feel lighter, my old clothes are fitting better and I've needed to buy some new bras.
So I know what I'm doing is working!
I'll weigh myself when I get to a size I'm happy with and compare with my Pre #Clean9 Weight!
It just works for me that way and I feel less pressure.

I'm really looking forward to continuing my journey of getting to a healthier, thinner and happier Me!
Starting with starting with adjusting my routine and getting stuck in really!
I'm going update monthly on my progress and how I'm getting on, keeping you updated with my New Fitness, Health & Weight Loss Journey.

If you want to try #Clean9 and get a kickstart to the healthier new you you can find all the information at the bottom of my #Clean9 Posts here.

Thanks for reading!

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