I actually really, really enjoyed doing #Clean9.
A 9 Day Detox sound long and straining, but it actually flew by!
You read about Detoxes, Diets and people amazing short fix results and think 'can it really be true?', 'does it really work?', 'is it a fix?'..
Well this is how I entered #Clean9, but with an open mind that if I stick to it religiously for 9 Days maybe I can be one of those people.

Well, I did it!
I loved it!
I enjoyed it!


It really does work!

DAY 1 & 2:
These are obviously the most difficult days out of the whole process, but I found them easier than I originally thought I would!
The thought of no solid food for 2 days is scarier than it actually is.
#Clean9 really doesn't have you craving foods, in actual fact it didn't make be really hungry throughout. Whether that's the shakes, the tablets or the combination.
I spent the majority of #Clean9 feeling full!

DAYS 3 - 9:
To weight in and do my measurements after just 2 days of detoxing and seeing such amazing results already was really the biggest motivation push to continue and made the process so much easier.
I felt so motivated to exercise as much as I could, Refrain from boredom snacking and give #Clean9 all that I have!
I found during Days 3 - 9 that although I was only eating one meal a day I still wasn't hungry..
Which made eating small amounts easier as I just wasn't craving them, so it was actually more of a chore.
Exercising was so enjoyable, with more energy and feeling so full of life made exercising exciting and fun!

The first and most surprising change was having no food cravings.
Then it was how the Aloe Gel became less and less revolting as the days went on.
But after a few days I was noticing how much more energy I had, how I could exercise faster and longer than before with more energy, less sweating and less strain.
I noticed my Skin being so hydrated and clear even in the crazy 36 Degree heat and as I have dry skin this was very noticeable to me as my need to constantly moisturise would normally have been  essential in such temperatures.
But the best and most rewarding change was seeing my body shrink right in front of me in 9 Days.
My waist noticeable thinner, my face looking less puffy and my boobs... Well put it this way I had to result to my older, smaller bras.

Whether you're carrying a few extra pound you're just not happy about, going to a wedding and need to fit in your favourite dress that's become a little too tight recently, off on holiday and want to feel confident in your brand new bikini, you feel like you need to cleans your body for a week or two and feel more energised and healthy or maybe you just want to feel that little more fabulous again..
I would highly, highly recommend doing #Clean9!

I feel lighter, visibly smaller, healthier, energised, fitted, motivated and most of all really, really happy that I'm heading in the right direction with the perfect kick start from #Clean9.

Without a doubt.
I plan to do #Clean9 2 - 3 Times a year now as I enjoyed it and loved seeing the results in just a matter of days.

Total Weight Loss:

Total Measurement Changes: 
Chest: -4 inch
Biceps: -0.5 inch
Waist: -3 inch
Hips: -3 inch
Thigh: -2 inch
Calves: -1 inch
Boobs: -4 inch

All I really wanted out of doing #Clean9 was to loose a few pounds, point myself in the right weight loss direction with new found motivation and to feel healthier.
#Clean9 gave me all of those.
The motivation to know I can do it.
The motivation to take everything I've learned and continue to loose.
It's given me new and healthy ways to exercise, snack and helped my control my portion size as well as made me realise what I am actually eating!
To loose over Half a Stone, drop a dress size and to be back into my smaller bras really was the kick start and motivation I needed to make a change to becoming more healthy and a helping hand in the right direction to my happier, thinner self.
I'm so, so glad I did #Clean9.

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  1. This sounds really interesting. I'm not sure if I would ever do a detox/cleanse, the thought of it kind of scares me haha xx


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