I always get asked; Which foundation do you use? Which brand do you recommend for Foundations? etc. It seem to be the makeup product that people are always searching for, testing and trying out different ones hoping to find their perfect match.

The issue I always hear and read to is what is the best way to apply foundation?
Well the thing is application depends on which foundation you're using, what the formula and constancy is like and what foundation finish you're after!

Well, I thought I'd share my favourite foundations.
I don't just have 1, I have many for different days, different occasions and different looks.
As well as my favourite ways to apply each foundation.

My Shade: Opal/Creme
I was sent this foundation to try as it has a formula I've never tried before and is described as a Breathable and Healing Foundation.
It's the perfect foundation for every day if you're after that dewey, flawless but no-makeup makeup look. Most of my skin compliments come when I wear this Oxygenetix Foundation.
What I love about it is it's easy to apply, easy to build and looks so natural.
It's a high end product with a high end price, but that is completely reflected when used.
I'd recommend this foundation especially for summer as it gives you the perfect summery, fresh faced glow with the ideal amount of coverage and is extremely light weight.
When applying the Oxygenetix Foundation I like you use one pump on the back of my hand with Real Techniques Miracle Sponge working it into the skin.
But the trick with the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge is you need to use it damp.
Sounds strange if you've not done it before but you hold the sponge under the water squeezing until the sponge is completely wet before rinsing the sponge out.
The damp sponge and foundation together create the most perfect flawless look with the Oxygenetix foundation allowing you to really work the foundation into your skin for the ideal coverage and complete finish.

My Shade: 12 Natural Rose
This foundation is described as a Matte finish however I think it's a semi matte.
It works similarly to the Oxygenetix foundation although it has more coverage and thicker consistency. I apply this foundation in the same way with a damp Real Techniques Miracle Sponge working it into my skin it leaves a flawless semi matte finish that absolutely perfect for building on with contour or highlighting.
I think this is the ideal foundation is you're after a natural look for a night out but are after the right amount of coverage and option to contour and build.

My Shade: 2/3
This is my all-time favourite drugstore foundation if you love coverage.
If you want an affordable foundation with amazing coverage in a great range of shades with Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation is your guy.
It's very similar in finish and formulation to MAC Studio Fix Fluid but less than half the price!
I apply this foundation with a Spectrum Brushes 'Part of Your World' Buffing Brush, Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Expert Face Brush as a Matte Finish it needs buffing in for the flawless finish.

My Shade: NW18
This was my go-to foundation for 2-3 years until I found myself without the budget.
However there is no doubt that it's an amazing foundation with the most perfect Matte Finish.
If you have more of a £20-£25 budget for a foundation and love a high coverage Matte Finish then you need to try it out.
What's handy about this foundation is it has such a high coverage you don't need a concealer. 
I'd recommend buying the MAC Studio Fix Powder to go with this foundation as well as they work in complete harmony together.
When applying this foundation I'd use a Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Expert Face Brush, following with a Real Techniques Multi Task Brush with the MAC Studio Fix Powder to set the foundation.

That is my guide to foundations that I would really recommend trying whatever your budget!
I love beauty and I love makeup!
I love trying out new foundations but always find myself going back to these 4 as they really are my perfect collection of foundations.

I hope you've found this helpful and I wish you luck in finding your perfect foundation and hope this helps you on your way!

Thank you for reading!

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