It feels like 2014 was just last week and now we're already into June!
But that means it time for another Monthly Favourites!

So what have I been loving throughout May and are going to be my Must Haves for June?

I recently went on a spree in Primark Oxford Street.
Primark Haul Coming Soon!

Primark's High Summer 2015 Collection is now in store and it's all so summery and perfect!
I fell in love with this adorable Pineapple Gold Chain Body Bag for only £6!
Such a cute piece to wear with everything from a White Summer Dress or with a Tshirt a Leggings and a really fun accessory.
I just couldn't resist it cuteness.

I love Novelty Accessories for summer time.
New Look had loads last summer but it's FAB to see Primark offering so many this season.

Another sneak into my Primark Oxford Street Haul and something I've been wearing nearly every single day since I got them is these stunning Dark Brown Leather and Leopard Fur Sandals.

When I interviewed Tanya Burr with a Q&A for my Blog (see here) one of her answers to my Question: Flip Flops  or Sandals? was Sandals.

It got me thinking that I never, ever, ever wear sandals I'm more of Flip Flop or Birkenstocks girl.
So when I saw these Sandals with Upper Leather Straps and Leopard Pony Fur Details in Primark for only £12.00 on my last trip to London I had to have them!

I was a bit hesitant to wear them on a long journey or all day as being from Primark and being Leather and only £12.00 I was unsure how durable they would be.
But I've been wearing them all day every day and they're just so perfect in every way!
I keep getting asked 'I love your sandals! Where are they from?' and shocking them with the answer 'Primark! £12!'

I'm just so in love with them! 

I'm been a Kardashian Fan for a while now and I really love and appreciate their family and the fact they show everything on KUWTK from Births to Bruce's amazing About Bruce Transgender Story.

People have their own views and opinion on The Kardashian's and one of the most talked about things recently in Kardashain Krazy World is Kim's Book of Selfies, Selfish.

Well, I bought it!
I couldn't resist purchasing it in my spree in Waterstones Oxford Street in May and it was only £11.95 as well as being on the last on the shelf, so it was meant to be.

I love it!
If you've been a fan of the Kardashian's long or short term then Selfish is something that you need in your coffee table book stack that lets you into all the pictures and selfies from the Kardashian Family Events and Occasions from Pre-KUWTK from 2006 and onwards.

Another pair of books from my Oxford Street Waterstones spree are possibly my favourites pair of book I've purchases in a long, long time!

The first is a book which I was sold by the title.

It's so cool!
Yes, it really is 642 Things to Write About, which I think is perfect for Bloggers or lovers of writing or all-things-random.

Examples in 642 Things to Write About for you to fill-in:
'You are an astronaut. Describe your perfect day'

'Describe something you wanted badly and, once you got it, never used.'

'What would you run out of the house with if your house caught on fire.'

'Describe each person in your family in just one word.'

'If each decade of your life was represented by a Pop Song what would t be?'

You get the idea, but how cool?!
Such a perfect book for the coffee table stack collection and great, great gift!

Another really, really unique fill-in journal and different book if you love writing and love fill-in journals!

I'd recommend buying both these book or checking out the 'Things to Write About' or Listography Collections!

I recently went abroad on a Summer Holiday to Spain.
if I've not mentioned it enough already!
When in the airport like others shopaholics, I love World Duty Free even if I've spent all my Euros and it's just for a browse.

However I did have Euros left!
I went straight for the Gin Section and as a Gin Enthusiast headed straight for my favourite Gin, Bombay Sapphire.
I was shocked to find a Bombay Sapphire Bottle I never tried or seen before, so I obviously bought it!
The Bombay Sapphire East has a stronger ABV of 42% as well as the addition of two new botanicals of Thai Lemongrass and Vietnamese Black Peppercorns too the normal recipe of Bombay Sapphire.

It's gorgeous!
I'm going to be hunting everywhere for it now hoping it does that thing where once you find something you've never been able to find, you see it everywhere.
If you're a Gin Enthusiast, I'd recommend picking up this bottle of Gin Perfection.

If you hadn't already guessed from my previous post earlier in May featuring my Oliver Bonas Homeware Wish List, I love Oliver Bonas.

Every time I go to London I pop into Oliver Bonas in either St Pancreas or Kings Cross before or after my train journey and indulge.
I recently visited and they had new stock that wasn't in on my previous visit including this adorable London Bus Bottle of Matches for £9.50!

I use a lot of matches and as the matches I was given with my last Oliver Bonas Candle purchase have been used up this Bottle of Matches was a needed purchase.

You might just be thinking 'Charlie... It's a just a bottle of matches!'
But it's not!
The bottom of the bottle is a Match Striker!
So you take the cork out, take out your match and strike it off the bottom of the bottle..
How cool is that?

Match Boxes are always ugly anyway and I thought this cute addition to my candle collection was so cute that once I've used all the matches up that it comes with, I'll refill it!

I also previously blogged about my New Favourite Perfumes in May (see here) and I love them so much I had to include them in my Monthly Favourites!

The Library of Fragrance which you may have seen in Boots have the most amazing range of weird and wonderful fragrances from Pizza to Gin & Tonic.

However my favourite The Library of Fragrance scents are a trio combination I'm obsessed with!

You can layer The Library of Fragrance scent up together to create your own perfectly unique scent for you and are £15.00 Each or 2 for £25.00 in Boots.

Once I'd returned from Spain my lips had a major panic due to the change in temperature and went beyond too dry and were so sore and irritating. All of my lip balms weren't budging it until I remembered my Cherry Carmex Tube and within a day it had cleared everything up!

With 2015 speeding by and the summer months close upon us and hopefully some gorgeous British Summer Weather upon us too I'd recommend buying a tube or tub of Carmax to protect your lips this summer as it really is the best lip balm treatment out there with an SPF 15 too.

Another favourite previously mentioned on my blog in May is my New Hangbag & Purse crush from Paul's Boutique!

I needed the perfect Handbag for my Holiday and for Travelling with Hand Luggage and I'm in love with my New Mila Deco Mushroom Bag and Carla Deco Mushroom Purse Combo this month, I'm obsessed with them!

Paul's Boutique have the most amazing selection of Bags but I personally couldn't resist this Mushroom Shade Mila & Carla pair from their High Summer 2015 Collection.

As I'm obsessed with Candles so I thought I had to include one in my May Favourites!
This month I've not purchased a White Company or a Jo Malone Candle and have still been loving my Oliver Bonas Candles.

However I've also been burning my Yankee Candle Soft Blanket Candle which I just love.
I find it a really soft and gentle warm scent which is so homely.
Yankee Candle have such a great selection and their prices are very affordable with this Medium Jar at £16.99.

It's also my Boyfriend favourite of my candles so It's the one he's always saying I should light!

This was actually a Christmas Present from my Boyfriends Parents, it's my Emma Bridgewater Pug Mug!

If you didn't already know I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Pugs and as soon as I move out I'll finally be able to get my life long dream of owning my own little Puglet.

I love Emma Bridgewater products and her mug designs are so amazing!
The collection of animal and Dog Breed Emma Bridgewater Mugs are the perfect gifts too.
I love using my Pug Mug when I'm ill with my Lemsip in as I'm not a hot drink drinker, but I also love mugs as collection pieces.
Especially pretty ones! 

I recently received a really exciting package from Too Faced at the end of the month with their Show us how you Bronze #BronzerWardrobe Limited Edition Box of all Too Faced Bronzers.

My favourites is the Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer.
Obviously the packaging is absolutely stunning, it's Too Faced!
The gold detailed compact with the most beautiful mirror.

But the Pink Leopard Bronzer itself is absolutely perfect!
With a Golden Bronzer Base and Leopard Blush and Highlighter Markings it's the prettiest Bronzer I've ever seen!

You can pick it up from Debenhams for £25.00 and with the Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter elements it's just amazing.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll know I'm so obsessed with nails.
I always get compliments on my nails but the biggest surprise to everyone is that all my nails are from Primark!

Yes, £1 from Primark!

Currently I've been wearing these Pale Pink Pastel Geometric Triangle Nails from Primark and they're just so summery and perfect!

Pop into Primark and check out their amazing collection of Summer Nail Designs, they're amazing!

So, that's another month of 2015 over already!
Where is it going?

I hope you enjoyed my May Favourites & June Must Have Post and you've been introduced to some new products and new purchases.
Let me know if you've purchased or tried any of them!

Thank you for reading!

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