I'm addicted to scents, fragrance and perfumes.
Anything that gives off a delightful smell I'm completely hooked.

Candle, Spray and Perfume Addict.

I've recently become an The Library of Fragrance fanatic.

Yes, another Fragrance Brand to obsess over.

I've recently became the proud and very precious owner of three amazing scents from The Library of Fragrance.

I love PatchouliPomegranate and Peony as scents and I'm a fan of many perfumes that feature all three scents.

The Library of Fragrance offer over 50 Fragrances to choose from with scents from Orange Blossom to Play-Doh, and all the weird and wonderful in between!

I chose Patchouli, Pomegranate and Peony because as a self confessed perfume addict I know those scents work in absolute harmony with one another and smell incredibly divine.

The Library of Fragrance products are able to be worn alone, however are Single Note Fragrances and have special characteristics that enable them to be mixed and layered with one another.

Therefore Pomegrante's sweetness and Peony's floral notes with Patchouli's earthy tones make the most perfect combination of scents into the most unique and delightful perfume.

I recently nearly spent near of £100 on a Jo Malone Fragrance called Pomegranate Noir featuring a very fresh Pomegranate Scent.
Althought I love Jo Malone, £100 on a Perfume is steep even for Fragrances.

I'm glad I didn't because The Library of Fragrance Scents are so similar to Jo Malone Fragrances, perfect if you're looking for a Jo Malone Dupe Fragrance as they're also only £15 each and layerable, which means you can create your own unique perfume.

3 Things I love about The Library of Fragrance are:
1. Their Range of Scents
2. Their Affordability
My Favourite Part:
3. Their very, very Random Scent options

Not only to The Library of Fragrance offer an affordable options to so many scent choices but they also offer incredibly unique scents from Pizza, Play-Doh, Waffles, Stables, Baby Powder, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Dirt, Marshmallow... and many, many more which make the ideal gift or stocking filler.

I love my PatchouliPomegranate and Peony combination of The Library of Fragrance Scents and get so many comliments on what perfume I'm wearing.

The Library of Fragrance has 28 Scents available in Boots where their Any 2 for £25 Promotion is constantly ongoing, and the rest of the scents are available at

So pop into your local Boots Store and fall in love just like I have.

As summer is just around the corner and as a Gin Enthusiast, I cannot wait to get my hands on their Gin & Tonic Scent.

I cannot think of anything more perfect to complete my The Library of Fragrance Colleciton.

Join the addiction, and please inform me of your favourites!

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