The future of fashion is growing, innovating and changing all the time but it's also unknown. But if we have to guess where and what we're going to see, be buying and wearing in the future with our love for fashion this might been informative and intriguing for you...

I've got some extremely exciting news, something really amazing to introduce you all too and something I'm really honoured to be asked to join in with; The INTERLACED Journey.

Fashion is ever changing, always innovating and always inspiring.
Where will fashion go next?
How will fashion keep innovating?
In what other way can we wear Fashion?
The answer is Wearable Technology.

Fashion is heading straight for Smart Wearable Tech

We've seen Wearable Tech creeping into the every day, on our screens, Catwalks, in our magazines from the likes of Rihanna, Gaga and Fashion Tech Style Lover, Katy Perry who's performance outfits always seem to include some form of wearable tech.

With technology taking over and becoming something we use every hour of the day - and in my personal case cannot live without. Technology is becoming a huge trend that seems to have never ending possibilities and capabilities. 

It's changing the way we organise our day, the way we think, - Which in my case has becoming thinking in 140 characters - the way we sleep, the was we communicate and even now scary things like changing the way we drive our cars with cars that can park and drive themselves... The possibilities really are endless, as well as a mixture of extremely exciting - and terrifying. 

For me Wearable technology is about communication, ease, individuality, style and innovation. My perfect idea of wearable tech is The Apple Watch and I really do think this is just the beginning of the Apple entering the Fashion & Accessories industry and as a huge Apple fanatic I'm excited to see where and what Apple is going to come up with next...

In the mean time I'm saving for my Apple Watch! 

So with that, I wanted to share INTERLACED with you all, and give you some further information about this new organisation all fashionista's need to know about. It's there to Inspire us, Educate us and Communicate with us on the new and next developments in the new and ever changing ways of Fashion and the future of it. It aims to accelerate consumer adoption of wearable technology fashion, smart clothing and apparel.

INTERLACED focuses on 9 Main Topics:

  • Wearable Tech & Communicational Fashion
  • Entrepreneurship in Fashion & Technology 
  • Research around Fashion & Technology
  • Consumer Adoption of Wearable Tech
  • Fashion Innovation in 3D Printing
  • Implications of Fashion Tech on Business & Society
  • Smart Fabrics & Electronic Textiles
  • Smart Accessories & Footwear
  • Effects of Responsive Textiles Beyond Fashion
The website going to be your new favourite, go-to location for insightful events, industry reports, educational activities and news content. INTERLACED believe educating emerging talents and fashion enthusiasts is key for the success of the future of fashion.

INTERLACED first event on September 3rd 2015 in London and you're invited!

Stay tuned to Styled by Charlie where I'll keep you up to date with all things INTERLACED inc when tickets will be released.

The event will bring together pioneering fashion tech designers, industry leaders, researchers, students and the wider public to collaborate, learn and contribute to the evolving story of the future of fashion & technology. 

INTERLACED 2015 will include one of the first fashion shows in the UK featuring wearable tech fashion pieces alongside our favourite emerging and established fashion brands. 

You can also join the journey!
Get involved here!


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