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As you all know very well by now, I love to bake!
I love creating with food and ingredients in my spare time, and my boyfriend (a chocolate lover!) appreciates it as well when he gets to eat the results.

I thought I'd share my Chocolate Fudge Rocky Road Recipe with you guys, the quick, simple chocolate treat.

As always, here's my Simple 5 Step Recipe to the Perfect Rocky Road:

600g Plain Chocolate
1 Cup of Mini Marshmallows
1 Cup of Malteasers
1/2 Cup of Fudge Chunks

Step 1: Melt the 600g of Chocolate in a Glass Bowl over Boiling Water (Or in the Microwave)

Step 2: Pour in all the Other Ingredients and mix until all covered.
Leave aside a handful of marshmallows and fudge for topping.

Step 3: Pour into Tray and leave in Fridge until Cool.
I recommend a Silicone Tray as once cool it's then easy to remove.

Step 4: After 5 Minutes in the fridge Add the Spare Marshmallows and Fudge on the top for decoration and leave to cool for around an hour.

Step 5: Remove from the fridge and cut into even squares, ready to eat.

I hope you enjoyed todays Quick, Simple 5 Step Rocky Road Recipe.
Make sure to share your #StyledbyCharlieBaking Rocky Road creations with me via the Hashtag, I'd love to see you bakes!

If there are any other recipes you'd like me to blog or try, please leave your request bellow!

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