Since I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I'm struggled with lack in routines and planning and craved a relaxed organised lifestyle.

Through years of battling my disorder - as mentioned in my tell-all Blog Post here - I've realised certain ways to manage my stress, anxiety and have created a level headed positive lifestyle for myself through years of practice and trial and error.

I get asked how I cope and deal with situations, as although my Bipolar is now maintained by medication and my strict routines and planning - as well as all my tips bellow - I still have bad days with it too, so I thought I'd share my tips on how I try to lead my positive and relaxed lifestyle to stay calm and level headed.

I'm not writing to say these 'tips' will or will not help you, but as I had such an amazing response and inspiring feedback from my Living with Bipolar, Depression & Anxiety post, I thought to all of you that were helped by the post, my personal tips of how I manage my lifestyle to maintain a positive, happy and relaxed mindset, that this may be some new ideas to consider to get you to your happy zone.

My Top Tips!

1. Maintain a routine

Before and during my diagnosis with Bipolar, Depression & Anxiety I always struggled with managing my stress without a routine as I've never really had a structured lifestyle.

I live in a very spontaneous family where nothing is really planned ahead.

My tip would be try and have a strong routine that you stick to so nothing worries or stresses your ideas or planning and pops up out of the blue.
So you know exactly what is happening where.
Remember, you're the boss!

For example;

• Wake up at the same time and go to sleep at the same time

• Eat around the same time every morning and evening

• Try not to make last minute decisions

Try and leave yourself enough time to plan it into your schedule/routine and make sure you family and friends are aware of this
Last minute sprung decisions and choice bring on stress and anxiety for me so I try to avoid that and my family and friends are very supportive of this.

2. Have things to look forward too

This is a huge thing for me, I have to have something to look forward too.
Be it a Holiday, meal out or maybe just a planned movie night in or even a takeaway evening with friends.
I find this the easiest way to stay positive and smiling with something to look forward to, so every time I've feeling lower than the day before I can use it to pick me back up again.
Remember, it's about making you happy not about breaking the bank

3. Treat yourself

People say 'money doesn't make you happy', but treating yourself to something every now and again is something that we all need and as well all know, does perk you up.
However, I'd recommend in treating yourself to something affordable, productive and positive.
I don't go on a huge spree I just purchase the odd thing every now and again if it's something I'm been excited about for a while.
For example; Camera lens or accessory if you like photography that's going to be productive to your hobby, Makeup brush is you adore makeup, Piece of jewellery you've always wanted etc
Something that's going to benefit your daily life and be continuously productive to positive so it's not something that perks you up for a day or two, it's something that every time you use it or wear it gives you a positive feeling or a smile.

4. Do what makes you happy and content

It may sound boring to some of your but my all time favourite evening and past time is having alone time with my boyfriend watching a movie, TV series or comedy program in the evening with a candle lit, an occasional glass of wine with a huge duvet cover and some nibbles.
This is something I've noticed makes me really happy, feel positive and content, it's something I like to spend most evenings doing as if it works, why not?

4. Challenge yourself

This is something I've started to do very recently after feeling in a happy headspace for quite a while. I've decided to challenge myself in situations I'd usually avoid or struggle with.
For example; There are certain locations I really struggle visiting with my anxiety and tends to stem panic and anxiety attacks for me which result in me only being able to visit those locations accompanied.
However, recently on a good day or week when I'm feel positive and happy I've taken myself into those situations alone and managed to cope with something that would usually of put me in a very vunerable position all by myself, which is very rewarding.
Granted, everyday isn't a good day where that's challenge is possible and it's not always as easy as that but I've realised occasionally challenging myself with the situations that would normally be extremely difficult is making me stronger and more positive when faced with them.

5. Don't surround yourself with any negativity

Unfortunately, I learnt this the harder way but now it's my biggest tip out there, whether you suffer with an anxiety or stress disorder or not.

This is my biggest life tip and my favourite quote:

'Don't surround yourself with negativity or with negative people.
Surround yourself with love and happiness, and don't look back."

I'm always hesitant to write these kind of posts.
I'm aware not every out there has the same every day challenges as me or the same disorder, however I'm also aware that a huge amount of people out there do.

If I can share my tips after years of battling with mental health and help just one other person out there with one of my tips to maintaining a positive and happy lifestyle, then this is all worth writing.

Obviously I have a many more things that help me every day, however I believe these are the most important ones for me and the ones I think are well worth sharing.

Please comment bellow if you have any other tips, if you've tried or plan on trying one of mine or if you're that one person out their I hope this post will help. 

Thank you for reading, 


  1. This is so helpful. Thank you so much :)

    I've been trying to get into a routine but one of my issues is that my sleep pattern kind of sucks and I'm really struggling to get it into order. If I have a bad night and struggle to get up in the morning, my whole day kind of unravels and it's like a vicious cycle :(

    1. Hi Alice!

      Sorry I've only just replied.
      I'm so glad this has been helpful to you!
      Routines are the hardest thing to get into but the things that really , really help! The same as sleep patterns which after over 6 Years since I've been diagnosed I still struggle with but that's mainly due to the drowsiness of my medication.
      I hope you've found your balance!
      Please feel free to contact me if you ever need advice, my email is :)


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