I feel like I've been round the Makeup Brush block recently trying and testing loads.

However I feel like I've finally found my favourites and my go to set I take with me everyday. As I know finding the right makeup brush for you is challenging with so many out there, I thought I share my favourites with you!

1. Angled Smokey Eye Brush - Superdrug
This is the least amount of money I've spent on a makeup brush however, is in my Top 3.
I use this brush for my Eyebrows with my Collection Eyebrow Palette and it's perfect and fine for doing your eyebrows however you desire. It also has a handy dual end too which is great for blending or for eyeshadow.

2. Pointed Foundation Brush - Real Techniques
I find this way too small for a foundation brush so I used it with my concealer for under my eyes and for blemishes. It's so great for under the eyes, covering dark circles and any other areas you need to add concealer.

3. Setting Brush - Real Techniques
If you use a liquid highlighter, this is your new best friend.
I use Seventeen's Liquid Highlighter across the top of my cheek bonesbrow bone and down my nose and it leave the most perfect flawlessairbrush finish with the right amount of product leaving the skin with that perfect summery dewey look.

4. Buffing Brush - Real Techniques
Love to contour and highlight?
You need this brush in your set! It's the perfect blender amazing at buffing anything into the skin! It would be the perfect foundation brush also if you like that dewey finish an alternative to the Miracle Complexion Sponge, but for me is my little buffing pal. I use it to buff my MUA Bronzing Stick into my cheeks and contoured areas.

5. Multi Task Brush - Real Techniques
This is my favourite brush for the days I like to use face or setting powder, a blush or powder highlighter it so feather light and delicate to the skin it allows you to use minimal amount of product carefullydelicately and accurately to the skin. I also love to use this brush to blend and buff out another other areas of my makeup that need a delicate finish.

6. Blusher Brush - Paul's Boutique
This brush is perfect for any cheek product. Particularly the angle of brush makes it perfect for bronzing and contouring and allows you to create the perfect cheek and face contour, I absolutely love it!
It helps that the Paul's Boutique Brushes are so attractive as well, as us ladies do like pretty things!

7. Miracle Complexion Sponge - Real Techniques
As I mentioned in my April Favourites I didn't get the whole blending sponge phase at the start until I actually concentrated on how to use it, and it's absolutely amazing.
I use my Real Techniques Sponge damp, to apply my foundation, blend my concealer and blend my contour and it leaves you with the most perfect flawless finish that last all day long.

8. Brush Shampoo - Elf Cosmetics 
I never understood how brush shampoo would make a different to using any other shampoo or baby shampoo to clean the brushes but this Elf Cosmetics Brush Shampoo saves me hours when cleaning my brushes and means I can clean my whole set in minutes and for the price... Everyone needs this in their makeup collection!

9. Pencil Case - ASDA
I'd been searching for the perfect makeup brush case for ages, and was ready to fork out for the Aspinal on London or White Company one until I stumbled across this perfectly sized Beige Pencil Case in ASDA for £1.50 and it makes the perfect Brush Pouch!

Thank you for reading!

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