This week turned 1.
For me, this was very exciting the first milestone, the first time I stopped and thought 'I've done it'.
I started not knowing where it would take me, but 1 year down the line I'm so, so glad I did.
So I thought #StyledbyCharlie deserved a fresh, exciting and stylish new look.

Starting with the Domain, after a year I've realised my Blog is something that isn't going anywhere, something I'm passionate about and something I absolutely love. So I decided to give #StyledbyCharlie a new domain name (Bye .blogspot!),

I found myself recently getting irritated and bored with my current logo. After studying Graphic Design, Fonts and Logos really are a huge interest of mine, so after a year I thought it was about time #StyledbyCharlie had a fresh, stylish New Logo, and I love it!

I collaborated with one of my favourite unique illustrators Vanillatte (Jasmine Hicks) on #StyledbyCharlie's New Look also.

Her talent baffled me, and inspired me. When I stumbled across her amazing designs on Instagram and she is extremely, extremely talented and I knew It was her I wanted to help me create #StyledbyCharlie's New Look.

I wanted the design to be recognisable, true and personal. So, we chatted, we emailed, we drafted and came up with a design I'm so pleased with, and this is what we came up with.

I love it!

The design was ideal, the perfect image and perfect logo for #StyledbyCharlie's New Look, and New Blog Header.

With the new portrait design and new logo the new look was starting to take shape and I'm so pleased with it. The opportunity came up to also collaborate with others too, my favourite Phone Case stop, CaseApp! CaseApp is a great place if you want a unique new phone case, and what I love most is you can design your own, so with Vanilllatte's design and CaseApp's Design Studio open in Safari, here's my new phone case! 

CaseApp have recently launch a new sister brand, StickerApp! Stickers are always handy to have and use, I love using them to seal my envelopes and for the end of slips and letters, so a huge packet of Vanilllatte's Portrait Designs on Stickers arrived, and I can't wait to sticker everything

Lastly, with a New Look, New Logo, New Domain and New Design and a love for Personalised Stationary a New Notebook was so, very needed!
Chroma Stationery have the most amazing choice of personalised notebooks and I fell in love, so I ordered a New Notebook Personalised with's New Look!

So with a New Logo, Design, Phone Case, Notebook & Stickers - The revamp is complete!
I'm so, so happy with the new look and I hope you love it too.
But mostly, I'm so pleased and happy with everything that's happened over the last year and everything I've been able to experience.

I've found a new love for writing, I've been able to continue my passion for photography on a daily basis, I've had a ball and I can't wait for the next year!

Thank you so much for travelling this awesome journey with me!


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