As you'll already know if you read my previous INTERLACED Blog Post theres a New Home for Fashion Future.

I'm excited for September 2015 mainly because of INTERLACED 2015 so I wanted to share with you come exciting new from the INTERLACED 2015 Catwalk and what's to come!

I'm a huge fan of designers and artists.
What I love about Fashion Technology is is the combination of Art and Fashion.

There are some amazing confirmed Designers for the INTERLACED 2015 Catwalk and I've had so much fun learning about the designers and finding my favourites of their designs so I thought I'd share them with you.

Moritz Waldemeyer is a British/German Designer he is the King of Fashion Technology Fusion.
The most perfect balance of Fashion, Art, Design & Technology.

Waldemeyer has designed the most incredible designs and one of my personal favourites is the Futuristic Suits for Tech Lighting for the Audi Press Event 2013 International Motor Show in Geneva.
See Above

I love the modern lighting tech but with the standard suit design it completely echo Star Wars for me!

London 2012 was one of the most amazing things to happen to Britain in my lifetime and the Opening and Closing Ceremony was amazing to witness at an age I'll remember it.

Moritz Waldemeyer Designed the most stunning outfits with the most amazing Modern Take on Brazilian Culture I've ever seen for the Olympic hand over to Rio de Janeiro.
With the combination of Culture and Fashion with the iconic Brazilian green shade with LED Carnival Clothing reflecting Brazilian Culture

Waldemeyer has also designed stage wear for Take That.

What I love about the Take That Stagewear designed by Moritz is that the designs are actually very wearable for a casual outfit with the fashion tech feel with the LED additions to the sleeves and torso.
It's the kind of design I can completely imagine being the first huge craze for Fashion Technology in High Street Menswear Fashion with Jeans and Nike Trainers - which I can also imagine having a Fashion Tech collaboration too!

Fashion Week 2012 featured Philip Treacy's return to London after 12 Years with stunning Headwear designed by Moritz with LED Lighting at it's best in stunning Catwalk shows as Wearable Tech Headwear.

I can totally see Wearable Tech Headwear taking to the grass at the like of Ascot in the very, very near future where headwear is taken to a whole new level every year.

Moritz Waldemeyer's portfolio is just Fashion Technology Perfection with so much knowledge and inspiration of wearable tech that makes the wonders of what's to come in the Fashion Technology World so, so exciting.

Another designer featuring at INTERLACED 2015 is XOO with their incredible design of The Smart Belt that Charges your Phone...
What an awesome, awesome design?

This for me (other than the Apple Watch!) is wearable tech at its best.
Accessable designs that will be a huge, huge hit in the fashion world due to the understated stylish design that perfect for anyone with any style.

I bet we'll be seeing a whole lot of XOO Designs in years to come and I bet we'll be seeing a lot more of the Charging Belt.

XOO & Waldemeyer as just a couple of the confirmed designers heading to INTERLACED 2015 in a matter of months and I'll be posting a lot more about them and what else is to come from the event before September.

INTERLACED 2015 is happing on 3rd September in London and we all can't wait to see you there!
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Please spread the word, and I hope to see you at one of the UK's First Wearable Tech Fashion Shows!

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