What is an Icon?
An Icon is a person or thing that is revered or idolised.

What is Beauty?
Beauty is being beautiful, gracious and charming.
Something that's not only on the outside but on the inside and shines through.
Beauty can be physical. Beauty can be internal. Beauty can be felt.

Beauty is Personal.
Beauty is Lily Collins.

Lily Collins has always been an icon of mine.
Her tallent, styled, look and unique qualities.
My favourite thing about Lily Collins is her natural beauty.

I've forever idolised her fresh and unique beauty.
From her pale complexion, natural brown hair and - not forgetting her controversially stunning - bold eyebrows.

Similar to the natural breathtaking beauty of the likes of Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart etc the 'natural' beauty look is so desirable, and yet it looks simple and perfect but is sometime the hardest of looks to replicate.

I'm a huge fan of the Natural Look which Lily Collins wears so beautifully with a flawless base, lighter brow, nude gloss lip, subtle blush and dewey finish.

I want to share with you how I create the Au Naturel Beauty Look with my range of products and beauty tools easily for the perfect every-day Natural Look you can learn and recreate daily with flawless ease.

I love creating a natural look that you can use as the perfect day base that you can easily jazz up for the evening with a bit of shadow or new lip colour. I think it is important to get the perfect products that work for you. Creating the right natural base is the most important part of makeup application but one of the most difficult things to perfect and it can be so difficult to find the right daily essentials of foundation, concealer, day to day nude lipstick or gloss etc to perfect your signature natural beauty look.

Lily Collin's wears Au Naturel makeup effortlessly and it's clear she's found the perfect products for her to create that beautiful fresh, young look for her skin, style and personalty.

These are the products and tools I would recommend to create the perfect Lily Collin's Day-to-Day Makeup Look.

Shade: Opal
Finish: Dewey
Coverage: Light - Medium
The Oxygenetix Foundation is the perfect foundation for a light and easy day time look.
I apply it with a Damp Real Techniques Miracle Sponge or Beauty Blender and it leaves a perfect flawless and dewey finish leaving a gorgeous summery skin glow.

Shade: No. 52
The ideal blemish or under eye concealer with a light consitancy but with the perfect coverage to hide the areas we need the help of correction.
Apply it straight from the tube to the areas of skin you want to conceal and blend with either your Beauty BlenderReal Techniques Miracle Sponge or Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush.

Shade: Perfect Nude
For the flawless and light Au Naturel Finish you need to set your corrected concealed areas with powder to prevent creasing or the product moving, the Too Faced Amazing Face Powder is so light but with great setting power.
Apply with a Real Techniques Multi Task Brush.

ELF Cosmetics Cream Blush
Any cream blush is ideal for this makeup look.
A cream product is easy to blend lightly or builded for the right colouring and creates the natural look and natural blush/glow.

Shade: Dark Brown
For fuller, more natural brows but keeping it Au Naturel is where everyone needs a Brow Mascara.
The Maybelline Brow Drama is perfect due to its range of colours and domed mascara wand allowing you to create the perfect set of brows where the mascara wand grabs hairs you didn't even know you had making the perfect statement brow.

Eyes are so important with a natural makeup look.
Framing the face creating that natural fluttery look.
The Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara gives natural length and definition.

Shade: Rich Brown
Natural makeup doesn't mean you can't wear liner!
Stick to your natural hair colour and apply to the corners of the lower lash line corners and upper lash line.

Makeup Gallery Pout it Our Lip Liner from Poundland
Shade: Brown 3
 A nude brown shade is ideal for defining the lips and topped with a gloss.   

Shade: Chic
Tanya Burr's Lip Gloss in Chic is the perfect go-to gloss for a natural and everyday look.

Off to the Theatre? Lunch Date? Day Out?
After that step up look from your Daily Au Naturel Makeup and after something with a bit of edge and excitement for a special daytime occasion?

Lily Collin's wears Daytime Chic makeup so well with an easy step up and minimal use of products to add the bit extra to create a more special look with a subtle change that makes such a different.

These are the products I would use to create a special daytime occasion look.

Shade: No. 54 Beige
Finish: Semi Matte
Coverage: Medium
Bourjois' Healthy Mix Foundation has a medium coverage and creates a flawless look when applied with a Beauty Blender or Damp Real Techniques Miracle Sponge.

P.S Love Foundation Stick from Primark
Shade: Light
After an all day coverage a light foundation or concealer stick is perfect for your areas that need a little extra coverage and Primark's Foundation Stick is perfect, and affordable.
Apply from the stick to the areas of concern and blend again with sponge.

Shade: Perfect Nude
Setting concealer for all day wear is essential and recommended.
Apply with Real Techniques Multi Task Brush.

Blush is the perfect addition to a daytime look and if you're heading out for a special day time occasion Bronzer is the perfect extra.
Too Faced Pink Leopard gives you the best of both worlds.

After a flawless daytime makeup look with that extra summer natural glow?
Then Seventeen's 3 Way Highlight is your product.
Apply with a small pump to cheek bones, brow bone, down the nose and cupids bow and blend.

Fill in sparse areas of brows with Angled Spectrum Brush.

Shade: Dark Brown
Finish and Set brows with Maybelline Brow Drama.

For full and lengthened lashes with extra lift and definition Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is ideal for a step up on daytime lashes with an extra fullness and length.

ELF Eyelid Primer
 For all day shadow with now creasing, you're best friend is an Eyelid Primer.
Prime the lids with product and blend with fingers until all the lid is covered.

Shade: Citrine
Not after a heavy shadow for daytime?
Apply layered of Stila's Jewel Shadow with Paul's Boutique's Eyeshadow Brush until you reach your desired look the layers of glitter give a flattering, summery glow.

Shade: Audacious
Revlon's Colour Burst Stick is the perfect daytime handbag companion in a Matte Balm Stick has great pigmentation in a stunning coral shade and easy to wear with it's balm consistency.

If theres one 'Good Girl' who wears Gothic Glam best on our world of Red Carpets it's Lily Collins.
We crave the perfect smokey eye and bold lip for our evening occasions but always struggle to find the perfect products and tools and it's a growing frustration with the like of Lily Collins wearing the look effortlessly.

Here are my lists of product recommendations to help you nail the Gothic Glam look just like Lily Collins.

Shade: 2
Finish: Matte
Coverage: High
My favourite high coverage foundation for evening wear with amazing coverage and the perfect constancy to build on with concealer and contour.

Shade: C
The highest coverage concealer I've ever used ideal for dark circles, crows feet, red areas and areas of concern.

Shade: 1
The ideal concealer for the 'Kardashian Finish' with coverage and highlighting benefits.

My favourite contour product.
The stick applicator and cream constancy means the product is easy to apply, simple to blend and easy to build for the perfect contour finish.
Apply from the stick to the temples, under the cheekbones and along the jaw bones and blend with either a Damp Real Techniques Sponge or Spectrum Contour Brush.

Shade: NW18
A high coverage powder in the most amazing range of shades with the perfect setting power for all day long base finish.

A light but high pigmented bronzer for the perfect contour to accentuate the areas of shadow on the face to create a sculptured finish to compliment the face shape.

With Blush, Bronze and Highlight areas the Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer is the ideal go to compact for the perfect finish.

For the natural edge with an all-day-long Matte Base Foundation Finish, a highlight is essential for a natural glow.
MUA's Undress Your Skin Highlight Powder is the perfect glow and shine for your cheek bones, nose and brow bone to complete the Gothic Glam look.
Apply with the Spectrum Fan Brush to the ultimate highlight.

Shade: Dark Brown
Fill in sparse areas of brows with Angled Spectrum Brush.

Shade: Dark Brown
Finish and Set brows with Maybelline Brow Drama.

For full and lengthened lashes with extra lift and definition Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is ideal for a step up on daytime lashes with an extra fullness and length.
Apply layer after layer until happy for the perfect full lash effect.

ELF Eyelid Primer
 For all day shadow with now creasing, you're best friend is an Eyelid Primer.
Prime the lids with product and blend with fingers until all the lid is covered.

Shade: Black
This product has so many uses; Eyeliner or Shadow.
I love to use it as the perfect smokey eye companion for the perfect black eyeliner.
Apply from the nib to waterlines and lash line. Pop under the eye too and blend out with Paul's Boutique Eyeshadow Brush.

Apply Charm Matte Shade all over the mobile lid with Paul's Boutique Eyeshadow Brush.
Add refine to the outer lid and though the crease.
Use Entrance and top with Adore on the outer corner of the lid to contour and blend.
Finish with adding Seraphic onto to inner and middle of the mobile lid for the ultimate and flattering glitter shine finish. 

Shade: Nightmoth
My favourite dark liner to colour and define the lips before adding lipstick.
Can be worn alone however I prefer to wear with lipstick to ensure the longest most durable all-day-wear possible.

Shade: DIVA
The amazing go-to shade for the perfect harmonious combination of red and purple tones, the ultimate Gothic Glam Shade.
It's Matte Finish ensures a longwear and easy application. 

My go-to Makeup Tools.

Now instead of dreaming of waking up looking like Lily Collins tomorrow, you can now create 3 Different Signature Lily Collins Looks from the comfort of your own makeup bag with ease and confidence.
Whatever the occasion!

I love being confident with makeup but it's mainly about having the confidence with makeup and being about to achieve the look you set out to do.
With these 3 Lily Collins Beauty Looks you've a look for every occasion - day or night - with the confidence to do so with easily accessible products from your own makeup collection or the secret list of the right product for the right look.

I'm all about the achievable and believe you don't have to be a makeup artist to create a Red Carpet Ready Look its about having the right products, right tools and confidence.

If it goes wrong... You can start again with the help of a cotton pad!

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To share my opinions, product recommendations, tutorials, beauty secrets & tips really would be a complete dream come true.
I'd utterly adore to be House of Fraser's New Beauty Ambassador.
#HOFBeautyAmbassador Blog Post here

Happy Experimenting!

Thank you for reading!


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