George is a brand we forget about, especially for makeup!
The supermarket beauty collections always seem to slip our minds.

Well, in this post I've going to share with you 12 Must Have Beauty Products, whether it's your starter kit or 12 product you really should add to your extensive makeup collection, from George.

Yes, George at ASDA.

These 12 George Beauty Products are the perfect kit for all beauty looks, allowing you to create an everyday or evening look with the choice of 12 different beauty products, and everything you need for your makeup.
What's even better is all 12 of these products can be yours for Only £49.

Yes, under £50 for all 12 Beauty Products.

Napa (if you've not tried it before) is an amazing brand exclusive to ASDA with a range of skincare, beauty and bath & shower products too.
They're really high quality products for affordable prices, I'd highly recommend giving them a try.
I love the packaging of this product, it comes in a long thin tube perfect for travel, with a precise pointed applicator to ensure you get the right amount of product and don't waste any.
It comes out in a strange cream like gel that I've never seen in a primer before but once blended hides your fine lines and pores leaving the most perfect soft and baby skin like base ready for your to apply your foundation onto for the flawless long lasting finish.

This is your Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream affordable, high street equivalent that actually smells amazing, unlike the 8 Hour Cream.
Ideal for use at night before you go to bed to hydrate, soothe and moisturise those dry areas and areas in need of a bit of TLC.
It coats the skin like a oil but comes out in the same consistency and colouring as the 8 Hour Cream in a brown coloured gel, once blended turns to an oil.
However, unlike the 8 Hour Cream this isn't suitable for use on the lips, so I will have to keep my 8 Hour Cream for that. But if Nspa, change that aspect of it and it was able to be used on the lips, it really would replace Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream.

When I tried this product in store I fell in love!
It's a creamy, liquid highlighter consistency that blends into the skin beautifully leave a flattering illuminating subtle glitter glow.
You can even use this product over a foundation as a liquid highlighter if you wanted as well.
It's light weight too, so you don't have to worry about the heavy finish of your foundation if you use a high coverage base on top, as this product is soft and weightless.
The packaging itself is fine, it's not the most beautifully packaged item but the product fills the packaging and you really get every penny that you've paid for in the tube.
It also has great staying power, as I wore this product all day and by the end of it the illuminating glow was still very much there.

Firstly, a £6.00 foundation with a lid and a pump.
Other beauty brands, please take note!
Another Matte Finish Foundation, which if you wanted a different finish, try mixing it in with a bit of the George Illuminating Primer.
This foundation I have is slightly too dark for me, in No.4 Honey however if I blend it down my neck give me the perfect tan and glow for an evening makeup look.
This foundation Matte but very hydrating, it doesn't feel like a thick paste on the skin and doesn't absorb quickly or crumble and cling to your dry areas.

The initial consistency of this product straight out of the tube reminds me of the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, however I find it easier to blend and when you work it in with your fingers, it really gently coats the skin and give it a radiance boost and subtle finish.
It doesn't have as much coverage as the Super Boost Foundation and I would definitely use this more for everyday looks.
This is a Matte Foundation so if you prefer a more dewey finish to your base, I'd recommend mixing this foundation in with the George Illuminating Primer which will give your a base with the best of both worlds, and an illuminating finish too. 
Plus, this foundation smells amazing!

This isn't your concealer if you love high coverage, however if you like to brighten and conceal your under eyes, this is the concealer that really gives your skin that awake boost you need, as well as it being a creamy, bendable concealer your can work with for that flawless finish.

I've never ever thought of buying a blemish concealer or adding it to my makeup routine let alone my collection!
However, this blemish concealer isn't their normal chalky, rough consistency it's creamy and exactly the same product as the Primark Foundation Stick (which I love).
It gives you the creamy consistency to blend but the right amount of coverage to cover your blemish you might not get from your creamy applicator concealer that you mainly use for brightening, allowing your to really hide those sneaky spots.

I've tried the Younique 3D Fibre Lash which is over £20 and you really don't need to bother spending the money, instead just pop to your local ASDA and £3.00 later you'll have the exact same product for only £3.00.
and it's rose gold packaging, I mean what else do you need?
Coating your lashes in mascara with fibres to define and emphasis your natural lashes for the false lash effect.

The perfect mascara for your night out, which you can use with the 3D Fibre Lash Mascara for the full 3D defined effect, or on it's own to give you those wow lashes.
A huge thick brush with jet black mascara to give you the ideal night time lashes.

Probably my favourite brow product I've ever tried.
I never really saw the need for brow gels especially coloured one and thought the idea was pretty naff.
However, I'll hold my hands up as I'm completely and utterly wrong.
This product has changed my makeup routine completely, for the past 3 Weeks I've been using this product, and this product only to do my brows.
Words I never thought I would say as a brow addict.
This product allows you to groom, colour and set your brows in place even catching the little hairs you didn't even know you had to give you the perfect natural looking brow.
I adore The Tamer.

Firstly, this George Matte Lippy has great packaging that I love.
It's got the push/click feature so you can open it with one hand, and you can also ensure it's not going to pop open in your favourite handbag and graffiti the lining.
As Matte Lipstick go, I would say this isn't Matte as MAC Standards go with the likes of Ruby Woo not moving anywhere in a hurry.
This is more of a Satin Finish if you want to compare to MAC (if you even can with a £4.00 lipstick).
But don't be fooled by price, the pigmentation of this berry toned lipstick is gorgeous and would look fabulous with any makeup look or skin tone.

This is your everyday, nude gloss perfect for popping on in a rush or perfecting the perfect daily look.
It's a 'your lips but better' shade with the right amount of pigment and gloss that's not sticky or over glittery.
The packaging on this product isn't the best but for this quality lip gloss for £3.00?
I can sure compromise on the packaging.

So, that is my George Makeup Must Haves.
The 12 amazing items I would really recommend popping in your basket during your next grocery shop and giving them a try. As I ensure you'll be pleasantly surprises.
It really will make George a real contender in your future beauty purchases.

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