This isn't one of my normal blog post...
However it's one of the most important ones I'll post.

Jack was a very close friend of my brother and his friends.
Sadly, Jack passed away last year.
Jack's family and friends are now raising to thank, support and offer great appreciation for the Addenbrooke's Hospital PICU Unit in Cambridge who did everything they could for Jack on his last days, and we're there for Jack's family and friends during the toughest 4 days of their lives.

I'd like to reach out to you, and ask if you could take 5 minutes to read the passage bellow and maybe take a second to place a donation big or small on the #RunforJack Just Giving Page, to support my Brother and his friend in their #RunforJack 50 Mile / 2 Day Challenge in memory of Jack and to raise money for the PICU Ward at Addenbrookes where Jack spent his last days with his family and friends.

Thank you.

Last year Jack Thompson, 14 from Gretton, Northamptonshire
was admitted to Addenbrookes Hospital on 8th March 2015.
Jack had an unexplained cardiac arrest on the 8th March and never recovered.
His life support was switched off on the 12th March with his family and friends
surrounding him.

During Jacks 4 Days in Addenbrookes Hospital it was clear the staff on the PICU Ward
were incredibly dedicated, and went above and beyond all day, every day
which helped make and unbearable time a little more bearable.
They truly are angels in disguise.

Everyone who loved Jack knew that the treatment he received was completely
world class and have no doubt, no matter where he was the outcome would
have been the same. The love and dedication the staff showed was outstanding
not just to Jack but to his family and friends as well.

For all these reasons Jack’s good friends; Harry Boon, Tyler Sharp and Daniel Pallett
are aiming to fundraise for Addenbrookes PICU Unit to thank, support and show
their appreciation for all the help and care shown to Jack and his family and friends
during those difficult 4 Days.

Harry, Tyler and Daniel hope that their 50 Mile / 2 Day Challenge will also
provide the PICU Unit with the funds to provide the ward with items they don’t
already have available; From medical equipment that isn’t government funded
to DVD Players and Playstations for children and families on the ward, helping
make the tough days a little bit easier. The sponsorship money raised through
the boys chosen fundraising event is to give brighter moments to difficult times.

Fundraising Running Event for
PICU Unit at Addenbrookes Hospital
Harry Boon, Tyler Sharp & Daniel Pallett aim to Run from:
Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
to Gretton, Northamptonshire (50 Miles).
Starting on 6th May 2016 - 7th May 2016

Please support and Donate via:

Thanks for reading!


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